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Destruction of unsold, durable goods could be banned in Scotland


Desk Report: Recently Scottish government has said. the destruction of unsold, durable goods could be banned in Scotland as part of plans to reduce waste, t, Proposals for a ban will be put forward in a consultation on a new Circular Economy Bill to be published in May.,It is intended to address public concerns about unsold products being destroyed or ending up in landfill. Retailers may have to look for other options for unsold products, including donation and recycling.

Circular Economy Minister Lorna Slater said: “It is absolutely senseless for perfectly good products to end up in landfill. Rather than being wasted in landfill or incinerated, they should be reused or repurposed.”

France has recently enacted such a ban and the EU is currently considering similar interventions.

A circular economy is a key component of the Scottish government’s response to the climate crisis, aiming to reduce waste and keep products and materials in use for as long as possible.

Source: BBC