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Dody Trims Ltd. the professional and reliable garments accessories manufacturer in Bangladesh.


Since its incorporation in 1998, DODY Trims Ltd., has been acknowledged as a leading Garments Accessories supplier of a wide array of labels, tags, and packaging items used in the garment industry. By now it has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of garments accessories in the country. In its manufacturing scheme of Woven Labels, Printed Label, Offset

Printing, Poly Bags, Badge, Patch, Tape, Elastic, and Carton, we are using state-of-the-art technology with advanced machinery mostly of European origin.

The company has also a well-experienced team local and abroad for various fancy trims and accessories like; Buttons, Badge, Patch, Belt, Lace, Studs, Rhinestones, Leather/PU, Security Tags, etc. We are providing great quality, satisfactory after-sale service, and reasonable prices for customers all around the world. The company will keep upgrading its organization and quality to offer you better service at all times. Recently Team Denim Focus had a conversation with Mr. Mahbubul Alam Shohag, Director (Marketing), Dody Trims Ltd. Key points of the discussion are mentioned for our readers-


Dody Trims Ltd. the professional and reliable garments accessories manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Mahbubul Alam Shohag, Director (Marketing), Dody Trims Ltd.


  1. a) We are capable enough to fulfill the requirements of our esteemed customers with our diversified range of quality products at the most comparative price.
  2. b) We have made ourselves capable to produce with all sorts of designs and specifications providing the best quality and excellent service using the most modern machinery and equipment.
  3. c) Our service and distribution network are also able to fulfill the requirements of our valued customers in any part of the country with commitment and schedule.
  4. d) Our salary payment, Firefighting system, Equipment & Machineries, Product control system, Quality management, Process control, Training, Personal, Accommodation, and Factory environment are international standards.
  5. e) We didn’t fire any of our employees during this pandemic situation. All of them are still working with us.
  6. f) We have been producing sustainable accessories like Recycled paper-made Hang Tags, Biodegradable Poly Bags, Recycled poly Bags, Recycled Satin Care Labels, Recycled Yarn for Woven Labels, Bridgeable Plastic Strings and we have been using sustainable offset INK (Eco-Friendly).

We believe with our long-standing aging customers; you might be confident in Dody Trims Ltd. the professional and reliable garments accessories manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Regarding Backward Linkage

in the mid-1990s to 2000, the RMG sector was heavily dependent on imports. Imports were as much as 80% to 90% of the export value. It is now predominantly an export-oriented sector

Now its scenario is almost reverse, we have been collecting 60-70% of goods from our local sources and 30-40% materials we still need to collect from abroad (Imports).  Some accessories like fancy buttons, Rhinestones, Security Tags (RFID), Metal Clip, Beads, Buckle, PU Leather, Studs, hangers and poly bags Materials, zippers and cartons carton Materials used to be imported. Last two decades, a large number of accessories industries have come up to fill in this gap to the extent of about 70% of the total requirement of the industry. The number of yarn manufacturing unit now more than double. Now we have to focus on woven fabric industries to cover it up.

Challenges we are facing

dody-trims-photoMaximum Group of Companies and Buying Houses has been doing their all accessories by opening a small manufacturing unit, Trading Unit or a commission agent to take the whole profits. They have been taking B2B LC by their factories (sometimes false) and agents. And finally, the real manufacturing units are losing profits and facing huge payment-related hassles.

Most of the time maximum factories want to take all the sewing items without LC. And sometimes they are not taking finishing items from the same factory to avoid payment issues. At the same time some factories give messages to the supplier that the work order has been canceled by the buyer or the delivered goods are not workable and so on. Some of the RMG factories could not pay the outstanding invoices to the backward linkage factories, it may put a radical impact or even damage some of the businesses of the backward linkage.

When the buyers delaying to take the goods on time (say COVID issue) or cancel the orders due to some specific reason (say Russia and Ukraine war) then some RMG factories directly stop the payment of backward linkage.

And finally, some backward linkage industry shut their factories down.

Future plan

Our future plan is to make some materials (especially sustainable) locally to avoid foreign dependencies.

Message to the RMG industry

We are always willing to provide our best possible price to sustainable product-oriented buyers. Because we are not only a manufacturer but also a bunch of eco-friendly consumers.