Dongyi Sourcing Limited celebrates World Mother’s Day

DSL, a leading apparel sourcing company based in Bangladesh, observed Mother’s Day today in alignment with the management’s decision, to recognize the global celebration on May 14th. However, DSL went beyond the conventional celebrations, adding a unique touch to the occasion. The company extended invitations to all the mothers of its members, resulting in several mothers accepting and visiting the DSL Bangladesh headquarters.

To honor the mothers, each of them was presented with flowers as a gesture of appreciation. Additionally, every participant received a small gift as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

To make the day truly memorable, a range of games and activities were planned specifically for the mothers, allowing them to actively participate and engage. The winners of these games were recognized and awarded prizes, further adding to the joyful atmosphere.

The entire day was thoughtfully organized to ensure the mothers felt special and valued. As a delightful conclusion to the program, a special lunch was arranged exclusively for the mothers, creating a heartfelt moment of togetherness and celebration.

DSL’s initiative to invite and honor the mothers of its members on Mother’s Day exemplifies the company’s commitment to appreciating and cherishing the individuals who play such vital roles in their employees’ lives. It not only acknowledges the significance of this globally recognized day but also reinforces the importance of family and the support they provide. DSL’s thoughtful and inclusive approach in planning and executing the event demonstrates their dedication to fostering a sense of community and celebrating the diverse relationships within their organization.