Dongyi Sourcing Ltd holds Job Fair at BUFT in Dhaka

Dongyi Sourcing Ltd, one of Bangladesh’s largest apparel sourcing companies, organized a Job Fair at the BUFT (Bangladesh University of Fashion Technology) campus in Dhaka. The event aimed to provide promising job opportunities for graduates who have successfully completed their education at BUFT.

The DSL Job Fair attracted a significant number of enthusiastic graduates who were eager to explore career prospects in the apparel industry. With Dongyi Sourcing Ltd’s reputation as a prominent player in the sourcing sector, the event generated considerable interest among aspiring candidates.

During the Job Fair, key representatives from Dongyi Sourcing Ltd were present to engage with the candidates. Notably, Mr. Paritosh Chandra Das, the Director of DSL, and Mr. Sohanur Rahman, Senior Manager-Admin & HR of Dongyi Sourcing Ltd, graced the occasion with their presence and expertise. They actively interacted with the graduates, offering valuable insights and guidance.

Speaking about their vision, a spokesperson from DSL emphasized their commitment to contributing significantly to Bangladesh’s economy. The company aims to achieve this by exporting $100 million worth of business through Dongyi Sourcing Ltd by 2025. In pursuit of this ambitious goal, they are actively working on diversifying their export destinations and product lines.

The Job Fair proved to be a fruitful platform for both the company and the graduates, as it facilitated connections and opened doors to potential career opportunities. DSL’s initiative to tap into the talent pool of BUFT graduates is expected to further bolster the growth of the apparel industry in Bangladesh.

As the event concluded, both the graduates and DSL expressed their satisfaction with the Job Fair’s outcomes. The graduates appreciated the chance to interact directly with industry professionals, while Dongyi Sourcing Ltd recognized the immense potential that BUFT graduates bring to the table.

The success of the Job Fair underscores Dongyi Sourcing Ltd’s commitment to fostering a skilled workforce and reinforcing its position as a leading player in the apparel sourcing sector. With their proactive approach and dedication to the growth of Bangladesh’s economy, DSL continues to be a driving force in the country’s garment industry.