Dongyi Sourcing organized d day long medical & eye care camp


Bangladesh-based apparel sourcing company, Dongyi Sourcing Ltd (DSL), demonstrated its commitment to employee well-being by organizing a highly successful day-long free medical camp and eye care services at its head office. The event, aimed at benefiting both DSL employees and their families, provided an excellent opportunity for comprehensive medical check-ups and top-notch healthcare services.

DSL expressed its pride in being able to offer such valuable services to the community. All DSL members and their family members were given the chance to consult with doctors and receive exceptional medical care during the event. The company’s dedication to the health and welfare of its employees was evident in the success of the initiative.

Furthermore, DSL extended its commitment to the well-being of its workforce by announcing an additional opportunity for those who were unable to attend the initial camp on 12th and 13th May. This extended arrangement ensures that individuals who missed out on the earlier event can still avail themselves of the medical camp and eye care services.

DSL’s efforts to prioritize the health and welfare of its employees and the wider community serve as an example of its responsible corporate citizenship and dedication to providing essential healthcare services.