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Dr. Mahabub has been awarded “Outstanding Professor Award” at The International Education Summit & Award 2020


mahabubProf. Dr. Md Mahbubul Haque, Dept. of Textile Engineering, Daffodil International University, has been awarded “Outstanding Professor Award” by the International Education Summit & Award 2020. He has been awarded for his outstanding contribution in the field of education. The International Education Summit & Award 2020 extended the Awards 2020 held in Bangkok, Thailand on 22 February 2020. It is mentioned that due to the current situation he did not attend the event physically. Later the award and certificate have been sent to him by airmail. Prof. Haque feels that, though he has many contributions mainly he has been awarded for his new concept for conducting textile engineering laboratory classes which he introduced last year and was widely published in the professional as well as in the news media.  According to his new concept, all the experiments of spinning, weaving, knitting, and textile testing lab classes are conducted in every lab class and the number of students is divided by the number of the experiment so that 2-3 students can perform each lab experiment. Thus the students have the maximum opportunity to do the lab classes by their own hand which was not possible earlier.  Prof. Haque has been engaging in textile education for a long time, as he said,” Quality textile education is very essential for our national development. As textile is the main foreign currency earning source, we have to ensure practical and industry oriented textile education so that our textile graduate can play a good role in the industry.”