DRC’s “Mecha-Tex” 2023 Grand Finale: Initiating research mindset in “Weaving the Next Generation.”

Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, Rangpur, November 9, 2023 The first ever intra-textile engineering college Textile Machinery based video project competition “MechaTex” held at Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College ended with the Team “Tex Explorers” as the Champion.

In the nail-biting last phase, “Team Tex Explorers” clinched success with their video project concept on “Single jersey circular knitting machine.” The winning team was awarded Tk 5,000 in prize money, certificates, t-shirts and gifts from gift sponsors.

Dwmtec Research Club (DRC), the esteemed club of Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, proudly announces the successful conclusion of the MechaTex Grand Finale 2023, held on November 8th. Themed “Weaving the Next Generation,” the two-month-long event showcased the extraordinary talent and ingenuity of textile engineering students.

The competition aimed to challenge the participants with the task of developing deep knowledge of textile machines used in the textile industry, centering around the Sustainable Development Goals, digitisation, and operational efficiency throughout the contest.

The response from students had been phenomenal, as 28 teams registered for the competition. After a competitive first round, only 14 teams made it to the Semi-Finals, while only the top five teams qualified for the grand finale.

The MechaTex competition comprised three segments, spanning a comprehensive exploration of textile-related topics.

Segment 1: Video Submission

The team chooses their own topic on the basis of textiles. This served as the initial selection round for the subsequent main segments.

Segment 2: Project work

Fourteen selected teams, guided by mentors from distinguished universities nationwide (BUTEX, AUST, KUET, BUFT, DIU, NITER, CTEC, PTEC, TECN, SARSTEC, SKTEC, DWMTEC, JUST, SRTEC), composed insightful reports on given topics. These reports underwent rigorous evaluation by a panel of judges, including teachers and industrial experts.

Segment 3: Presentation and Q&A

The top five teams progressed to the final round, held on November 8th, presenting their topics on stage in front of a distinguished panel of judges. Each team faced a rigorous question-and-answer session, demonstrating their in-depth knowledge and understanding of their chosen subjects.

According to the club president Al Amin Akas, hosting the first-ever textile machinery  based video project competition was a challenging feat. It had taken the DWMTEC Research Club and their members behind this ground breaking contest months-long planning and preparation.

The Grand Finale kicked off with an inaugural address delivered by the esteemed Chief Guest, Muhammad Mobassher Hasan, Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur. Adding to the honor, Engr. Md Abdur Rokib, Principal of Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, also graced the occasion and was presided by him.

Distinguished individuals from the industry, including

Engr. S.M Abdur Rahman Life Fellow – IEB GM (Operations) TRU Fabrics Ltd. Unifill Tex BD Group President, AOPTBMD RUBEL HOSSAIN Assistant General Manager RPBS-1Siddhartha Lahiri General Manager Karupannya Rangpur Ltd.MD. Golam Mowla AGM Maintenance Karupannya Rangpur LtdMd. Obayedullah Al Mahmud (Zamee) Manager Civil & Properties Karupannya Rangpur Ltd.Shafiqul Islam Manager Quality Karupannya Rangpur Ltd.

Following the presentation, prizes were awarded to the 9 teams from the second segment and with them each winning team received prize money, gifts, certificates, T-shirts, and a crest. The champion team will also enjoy an industrial attachment organized by the Platinum partner, the “Association of Textile Engineers, Bangladesh” (ATEB).

Mecha-Tex extends heartfelt gratitude to its collaborators, including Gold Partner Phi-Tex BD & GaTex Design Ltd, Clothing Partner CODS Clothing Co., Gift Partners Tri-Deshi Ecorius & বাঁশ বিলাশ, Web Partner Fashion Innovation, Knowledge Partner Textile Today, and Media Partners Textile Focus & Bunon. Special thanks to Outreach Partner Sakibian of Mirsarai and Skill Partner Wadwani Foundation.

In the spirit of collaboration, Dwmtec Research Club partnered with two other prominent clubs of Dr M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, namely the Dwmtec Career Club and Dwmtec Debating Club. Additionally, collaboration with 12 well-known clubs from around the country played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the MechaTex Grand Finale 2023.

The event has sown the seeds for students’ future careers with new affiliations and enhanced leadership, networking, and problem-solving skills, said the organisers. The Grand Finale concluded with a photo session, marking the end of an event that not only celebrated innovation but also fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange among the future leaders of the textile engineering industry.