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Dutch Lube Company Ltd. Targeting to provide best quality knitting oil at competitive price from Bangladesh

Md. Mostafa Kamal

Knitting industry of Bangladesh is booming day by day. There is no alternative to expand the industry with value added products. Costing is very important for the industry and manufacturers are always in pressure to reduce the costing. For this cost minimization with best service is very important. Dutch Lube Company Ltd. is the first knitting oil manufacturing company from Bangladesh to provide best quality products at a competitive rate. Recently the company arranged an inauguration ceremony to address its activities.

img_6959Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President ITET and Chairman, The Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB)-Textile Division and Managing Director of HAMS Group was preset as the Chief Guest. Md. Salahuddin Ahamed, Additional Secretory, Ministry of Public Administration, GoB; Faruque Ahmed, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance, GoB were present as distinguished guest. Engr. Shafiq said, “Bangladesh has huge scopes in knitting industry, for this smooth operation of the industry is very important. Best quality cannot be ensured without proper maintenance of the machineries.” He suggested the company to emphasis on the quality of the products as the market is very competitive.

Dutch Lube Company Limited is a joint venture company. Parent company is located in Daman industrial estate, Gujrat, India. The company started knitting oil production in 1997 (20 years back). It captured almost 80% of Indian market. , also export in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia & Vietnam. On process of continuous market expansion Dutch Lube Company Ltd. (DLCL) setup first ever knitting oil manufacturing unit in Bangladesh in 2014 and has started commercial production in August 2017.

img_7119ddMr. Vijesh Patel, Chairman of DLCL shared his views on his experience and strength of the products. According to him, “We are here to provide best quality product at a competitive rate. Our technical team is working on continuous development of the products.” Mr. Vijesh also added that Bangladesh has a promising industry and they are targeting Bangladesh very importantly and committed to provide best quality products, technical service, best product rate.

mr-noorMr. Md. Noor Iman, Managing Director, DLCL shared his views as he was telling that they have full phase manufacturing facility, so client can order any quantity any time. He said, “We are confident about our products and we are ready to replace any damage or quality hamper it any. In fact there is no chance of lower quality as the products are checked and ensured the quality in the factory by the technical experts.” He also added that they are getting good response from the industry regarding their product.

Engr. Md. Kawsar Alam Sikder, CEO, DLCL had a corporate presentation on DLCL describing all the key feature of DLCL products and advantages.


Engr. Kawsar describe DLCL product TEXLUBE-22 which is non corrosive and washable knitting oil.


Composition: Base oil paraffinic high quality imported from USA, Emulsifiers, Lubricants, Anti-Corrosive agent, Anti-Oxidant agent, other additives imported from German.

Technical Specifications Advantage Application
Appearance: Clear

Colour: Colorless to slight yellow

PH of Nature: 6.0±0.5

Ionic Nature: Non-ionic

Viscosity @ 40° C : 22/32 CST(as per requirement )

Flash Point: Above 220° C

Cloud Point: Bellow 0° C

Stability: Stable at high temperature

Storage Life: Under normal conditions approx. 12 months

Water washable even at normal washing process.

Reduce machine operating temperature.

Copper corrosion test negative hence good corrosion protection.

Does not affect electronic parts & protective coating on PC boards.

Quick emulsification.

Keeps needle tracks clean, minimizes buildup of fiber lint or deposits of fluff.

Reduce power consumption and carbon deposition.

Needle lubricant for large diameter circular knitting machine.

All type of knitting machine

Recommended for the knitting of cotton or cotton-Polyester-Synthetics dyed/undyed yarn.

Based on high quality paraffinic oils and incorporating an anti-oxidation additive system.

Self-Emulsifiable in water and exhibits a high level of scourability from knitted Yarns/Fabrics.

Factory owners gave their positive feedback about the products as they shared their using DLCL product. The company has already enriched it’s highly satisfied customer list as Ratul Group, Knit Concern Group, RBL Fiber Industries Ltd., Texeurop (BD) Ltd., Esquire Knit Composite Ltd. Antim knitting & dyeing, Knit Asia, Purbani group, Northern Tosrifa group, Adamjee Knitwear Ltd, Shahbaz Knitting , The following companies already shaker hand with DLCL as a business partner Fakir Apparels Ltd, Fakir Knitwear Ltd, Crony Group, Dird Composite, Adury Knit Composite, Model De Capital, The Asian Textiles, NRG Home Textile and many more.



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