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Dysin Group Offers COVID -19 PPE Testing and D-CARE Range of Sanitizers & Cleaning Agents


dysinDYSIN Group recently announced that the Testing & Calibration Laboratory of DYSIN Group, which is accredited for ISO/IEC 17025:2005, has been enlisted by the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) for testing of PPE products related to COVID-19.

DYSIN is considered to be the one-stop-shop for Dyestuff, Chemicals, Screen Printing Consumables and Testing Equipment. DYSIN came this far with only goal: Customer Satisfaction. The company believes, Dysin will continue to create a prosperous future for its customers.

According to Md. Amanur Rahman, Managing Director, DYSIN International Ltd., “We are glad to convey our support to the industry, that by leveraging our expertise in chemical manufacturing, we have launched highly effective, low-cost disinfectants and cleaning agents under D-Care brand, which is a subsidiary of Dysin Group.”

“We are also pleased to extend our support to provide necessary training, guidance, insights on the proper use of disinfectants, sanitizers, PPE, and quality requirements of PPE products to our valued customers and their employee, he added.

As a part of our ongoing support to the nation, especially in this critical juncture of our lifetime, to fight COVID-19 pandemic, DYSIN Group has been involved in various CSR activities for the last two months. Such activities include the donation of Hand Sanitizers and Floor cleaners to Hospitals, Armed Forces, Law Enforcement agencies, and other support organizations. DYSIN is also running a food aid program for the needy people of our country.

Md. Amanur Rahman also said, “We have only one intention in this endeavor; We want to serve our nation and dedicate ourselves to save the people of our nation. We request your continued support and cooperation.”

DYSIN customer care is open for any queries or clarification. For further information and support contact-

Customer Care Team:
Mr. Md. Abu Tareq Morshed. Mobile: +8801730338766.
Mr. Tawquir Ahmad, Mobile: +8801755 512506