“We have to educate ourselves and the entire generation of consumers to buy less and be more responsible with the products”- Borre Akkersdijk, Creative Director at BYBORRE

BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based, digital supply chain ensuring platfor. Together with a group knitters, designers, developers, yarn speciliasts, they are building an integrated ecosystem that offers transparency, reliability and freedom to creators while giving a well-deserved stage to our industry-leading suppliers and production partners.

Borre Akkersdijk, Creative Director at BYBORRE recently talked with Textile Focus coordinator Pranta Biswas and gave an insight about Byborre. For our readers the conversation is below:

Pic: Borre Akkersdijk, Creative Director at BYBORRE

Textile Focus: Could you please brief about BYBORRE:

BYBORRE is a digital platform where we democratise the creation of responsible knit. We create textiles for interior, automotive and apparel. In the last couple of years we turned decades of textile knowledge into an easily accessible design platform. Where you have access to all the leading innovative companies within the supply chain. From yarn suppliers to machine manufactures. As creator you control your impact andable to add your DNA to a fit to purpose custom textiles.

Textile Focus: How are you supporting your existing clients?

With our tool we give access to creators in order to control their impact and custom-develop their textiles within the time-frame of a season.

Textile Focus: What was your observation during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, everybody saw and realised the value of raw materials and that we can not waste and neglect the usage of it. But there is not one solution to sustainability. The only real way is to create a fully transparent supply chain. During the pandemic nobody could travel and sustain their old ways of working. So the need for a new system and more transparent system that shows all steps along the way including shipment travels and overproduction needed to be built so we started developing a design and production system with an open-source mindset. Working together with the leading companies in the industry and making it accessible for every creator to educate themselves and the end consumer.

Textile Focus: Is there any recent development of BYBORRE?

Our latest developments are all based on the digital design tool BYBORRE Create™ where we translate all the possibilities of the circular knit industry where we make the medium of textile accessible to all creators, even if you have never worked with these machines.

Textile Focus: Any Message to the Industry?

We have to do less and better. We have to educate ourselves and educate an entire generation of consumers to buy less and be more responsible with the products we use.