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“Education quality must be improved to reduce the gap between Industry and Academia”- Debasish Kumar Saha, Adviser, Esquire Knit Composite


Debasish Kumar Saha, CEO of Transformtrade & Adviser, Esquire Knit Composite, who has more than 30 years of working experience in this sector recently talked with Team Textile Focus and shared some valuable opinions. For our readers, the conversation is drafted below.


Textile focus: How do you see the Textile and RMG Industry of Bangladesh for 2021?

Debasish Kumar Saha: In my personal opinion, the whole industry will face a mixed result. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative. It will depend on the capability of the industry. It will depend on buyers, B2B, B2C customers also. Country to country business will vary due to pandemic. Industry growth depends on market segmentation according to customer and product proposition. The next thing is how we communicate with buyers. Due to pandemics, the market is unpredictable. However, knit retailers are performing better in the b2b market. Those who are big players in knit will do good.

Textile focus: Are we adding value to knit Products?

Debasish Kumar Saha: The value addition is not satisfactory, however, we are not in the same position as we were before. The industry is moving with various improvements.

Textile focus: What was the observation during Covid-19 in 2020?

Debasish Kumar Saha: It was a tough year and we tackled it perfectly. Our apex body’s timely guidelines, the Government’s healthy stimulus package, and assurance of safety helped us to overcome the situation. Bangladesh is really good at crisis management. Other than China, the Impact of covid-19 was positive for us. It’s a kind of blessing for our industry because we got to learn new technical things. We develop in terms of lead time previously. Now we have Brand, fashion, quality prices in a sustainable manner.

Textile focus: What is the recent Development scenario of Esquire Knit Composite?

Debasish Kumar Saha: Esquire is a renowned company. Our commitment to market, buyers, suppliers & employers is always praiseworthy. This time esquire is coming with little difference with huge diversification. In terms of value addition, esquire is not thinking in a general way.  Esquire has taken a great initiative of establishing a big Lingerie industry. This industry will be a combination of knit, woven, synthetic products. It will create job opportunities for almost 4-5 thousand people. Tools and techniques that will be implemented are still unprecedented to our industry.

Textile focus: Any message for the industry?

Debasish Kumar Saha: Industry apex body knows very well what to do than me. However, from my last 35 years of experience, I would like to share an opinion. The current framework that we follow as per the priority is:

  1. Financial perspective
  2. Customer perspective
  3. Internal process
  4. Education, Training, and development

My point is, here the least important area of Education, Training and development should be the highest prioritized area. We are weak at communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills. We must release the gap between industry and academia. Education quality must be improved according to the industry demand. It’s a shared responsibility for all of us. Both the Government and Apex body should take responsibility.