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Soma Parven

Eid is knocking add the door!!! After a month of fasting in Ramadan, Muslims around the world will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with family and friends. Eid is truly a time of social mingling. A big part of that, is dressing to impress! New fashion trends come on to the market and customers look for the latest designs at affordable prices. Fashion lover not only like the design of cloths, the also like fashionable designs as well as quality products that suit the weather. As this Eid is coming in summer season, so Eid fashion styles should also according to the weather. Hence, speaking about the latest Fashion flows and the latest trend for Eid for making you look stylish on this Eid.


What types of cloth are preferred by men, women and kid on the occasion?

Fashion is the expression of a person’s tastes, preferences and personality. Fashion-style has also changed with the change of culture-climate. Fashion style changes according to age, weather and gender.

For men:

1-8While most of the girls are running for foreign fashion clothes, the picture is completely different for men. From lungi to jeans, from T-shirts to Punjabi and from caps to shoes, almost all men are dominating the design of local brands.

Usually men’s fashion not out of shirts, Punjabi and T-shirts, jeans. Like every year, on this Eid those collection has been kept. In keeping with the weather, various brands have launched cotton-made slim-fit printed shirts, t-shirts, formal shirts and causal shirts, long, short and semi-fitted Punjabi, needlework, printed Punjabi, block printed Punjabi, embroidered Punjabi, gabardine and jeans pant. Cotton and linen polo shirt is popular in this Eid.

For Women:

1-6When it comes to the name of fashion, women’s names come first. However, women prefer foreign brand fashion to domestic brands.

Saree, women in saree!! Because saree is always at the top of the list of favorites of Bengali women. Be it festival, pujo-parvan or Eid. Dhakai Saree, Jamdani, Benarsi, Cotton, handloom, silk, muslin, chiffon and net materials with embroidery, sequins or appliqué work – all saree make the women more attractive. So, like other Eids, the fashion houses have come up with saree of different colors and designs. Katan, Silk Katan, Party wear saree, Georgette, block print, applique crafts have arrived on this Eid. Organza saree, Fancy saree, ready-made party saree, floral embroidered saree are at the top of the latest saree trend 2022.

Party Wear, girls prefer party wears of Indian and Pakistani brands. In this Eid fashion house has brought some gorgeous net embroidered lehega, gowns, Sharara set, gharara set, embroidered lawn dress as Eid party wear. This year kameez is back in fashion with heavy and gorgeous work on Organza, net and georgette on fabrics paired with plazo, sarara, carpied and different type of pants.


As the summer season continues, fashion industry have been lunched different types of long and shorts tops, kurti, colorful printed 3pices, casual 3pices, lawn 3pices.


For Kids:

The first and most important shopping on any Eid shopping list is for children.Frocks, salwar-kameez sets, layered skirts, long skirts and denim skirts, paired with different styles of tops, pants or leggings, the most comfortable for little girls.


The boys mostly prefer T-shirts, polo shirts and Punjabi for Eid. Usually, children don’t wear too much Punjabi, but they wear Punjabi for Eid with churidar cotton pants. T-shirts with printed cartoon or game characters and single color polo shirts are also very popular. Three-quarter, half or narrow pants and colored or faded jeans are also popular.


What kind of fabrics are suitable for summer?

Which fabrics you choose to wear during the hot summer months can have a major impact not only on your look but on your comfort level. To help you stay cool in more ways, here are some of the best summer fabrics to guide your outfit this season.

  • 1-11Cotton:

Cotton fabric is one of the most popular natural fabrics that are breathable, soft, lightweight, and allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cool. Cotton is an excellent choice for everything from blouses to cover-ups to beautiful summer outfits. It is now one of the most widely used and durable fabrics all over the world.

  • Khadi:

1-4It is a cotton-based hand-woven cloth. Khadi fabric became popular in India during the Swadeshi revolution, and since then it has spread around the world. This easy maintenance fabric, easy-to-care-for fabric will keep you cool during the searing hot weather. Khadi is a basic fabric with a stylish look.

  • 1-3Linen: A natural fiber made from flax plants, linen just like cotton allows air to flow through it thus making it highly breathable and comfortable for high temperatures.

It absorbs a lot of moisture and keeping you cool and dry.


Rayon is a man-made fabric blended from cotton, wood pulp, and other natural synthetics. Since silk is an expensive fabric, rayon was replaced in such a way as to provide similar benefits to silk. Since it is so comfortable and cooling to wear, that’s’ why it is used for sportswear and summer dresses.

1-10Lawn Cloth:

Lawn cloth is a light weight fabric. It is a semi-sheer fabric woven in linen and cotton that gives you a baby soft feeling, makes your day beautiful and keeps you cool.

Which brands are popular for Eid shopping?

There are many national and international brands all over the world. They are selling clothes, shoes and other accessories with offering attractive “Eid sales” by displaying up to 30 to 50% off minting money from the customers. Aarang, Cats Eye, Richman, Yellow, Ecstasy, Rang Bangladesh, Kay Kraft, Dorjibari, Anjan’s, Ecstasy, Rex, texmart, Shada Kalo, Smartex, sailor, Freeland, shoe brands like Apex, Bay are the most popular brands in our country.

EID 2022; Local fashion moves online: dawn of a new era:

1-12Corona had caused panic in everyone. So the country had to be locked down to bring the situation under control. But it is not possible to suppress the festival-loving Bengalis. And when it comes to Eid, you have to buy new clothes. So most of the customers start online shopping. Along with various brands, retailers and wholesalers are also now offering online services. Even though the Corona situation is under control now, everyone seems to be more comfortable to online shopping. Eid collection is now available online -on our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram. You can order the dress of your choice by visiting the websites of different brands. Many also shop as they like through Facebook and Instagram.


Finally, Eid is just around the corner. Everyone celebrates Eid together by wearing henna in their hands, wearing new clothes, eating sweets and sharing happiness with each other. Everyone goes to Eid prayers wearing new Eid clothes. Everyone likes to get new clothes for Eid. Wearing fashionable clothes according to the trend, everyone loves to create unique looks.