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This elected board are very young & experienced Zaheed Shajal, Managing Director, Best Shirts Ltd.


zaheed-shajalBangladesh textile garments industry has been suffering a lot during this pandemic situation. It has largely affected order decrease due to COVID-19 outbreak. Last year the industry survived with some good initiatives and government support. As the country is largely affected by the second wave of COVID now it’s really a very hard time for this industry. Recently the BGMEA election has been completed and a new BGMEA committee with the leadership of Mr. Faruque Hassan has taken charge for 2021-2023. Textile Focus has been talking with BGMEA members’ company owners regarding the expectation from the new board. Zaheed Shajal, Managing Director, Best Shirts Ltd. expressed wish to the new BGMEA board. 

This elected board is very young & experienced. So that they know to leadership how they overcome recent challenges. I hope they will work for RMG sector development with the cooperation of BGMEA members.