“Energy Crisis and How we will overcome it?”

Fakir Rafsanuzzaman joined Fakir Apparels Ltd. as a Director in 2019. As a young entrepreneur, he has the vision to take the apparel manufacturing company to new heights.

Recently with Textile Focus, he shared his feedback regarding the recent power crisis.

Fakir Rafsanuzzaman
Figure: Fakir Rafsanuzzaman, Director, Fakir Apparels Ltd.

The Ukraine-Russian war has sparked a global energy crisis, straining supply chains and exerting inflationary pressure worldwide. As a result, we know Bangladesh is currently suffering from massive energy shortages as gas and oil prices have increased drastically, forcing factories to cut back on productive hours due to a debilitating lack of sufficient gas supply. As a manufacturer, we have no control over this global crisis; however, this is the time to think about how to overcome these challenges within our own capacity and capabilities to learn from and manage such challenges in the future.

As a result of this, Fakir Apparels has installed a small-scale LPG plant with a capacity of 40 tonnes inside the compound to support and boost gas pressure for any shortcomings in order to ensure consistent fabric quality during production and timely delivery of goods. Moreover, our solar project is currently underway with a total capacity of 2.8 MW, of which 800-900 KW will be functional by January 2023 through which we will be able to reduce our carbon emissions by 15% as well as dependency on non-renewable energy. We have also tried to identify any scope of power conservation in our production processes and put mechanisms in place to capture and reuse waste hot water and steam from our dyeing processes and push it back into the system to further reduce pressure on gas and improve production efficiency as well.

I believe as a collective entity, each and every member of the organization has an innate responsibility to reduce power consumption and improve energy-related efficiencies internally, especially in times of crisis. All members of Fakir Apparels understand and are aligned with this collective initiative, where we are encouraged to take small and simple personal initiatives consistently to conserve and optimize energy consumption in our daily lives at work and at home as well.