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Enormous Opportunities at Textile Engineering Department, Northern University Bangladesh (NUB)


Farzana Alam Piya

The Textile Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh offers wonderful opportunities for its students at the university’s permanent campus at Uttara, Dhaka. The Department of Textile Engineering highly boasts of its 65 experienced faculty members (45 in house and 20 adjunct) and its 3000 students.  The Textile Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh has started its journey in 2009 at Banani, Dhaka campus. Since October 2015, the department has been transferred to the NUB permanent campus. NUB provides both undergraduate and short courses in Textile Engineering. Around 600 graduated students are successfully contributing to textiles and RMG sector at home and abroad.


The undergraduate program is a 4-year long (12 semester) program on “Bachelor in Textile Engineering”, comprising 164 credits (open credit system). Interested students can get admission in this department in any of these 3 sessions in a year: Spring, Summer and Fall sessions. For meritorious students, NUB offers special waivers on tuition fee based on their prior results. The Department of Textile Engineering always inspires its students by rewarding the top 3 students from each section on each semester with winsome prize money. After completing the 9th semester in the Textile Engineering Department,the undergraduate students can select their major subjects as per their respective choices (Yarn Manufacturing Engineering, Fabric Manufacturing Engineering, Wet Process Engineering or Apparel Manufacturing Engineering). The students can also choose their thesis topics in the final year which they can submit within 1 year. After completing the 4-year long course, the students start their 2-month long internship to put their academic knowledge into an industrial environment. Moreover, the NUB Textile Engineering program has 164 credits and has been designed to cover the key areas of textile engineering such as chemical processing, textile product engineering, information system design & machine design.

The department has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities including Wet-Processing Lab, Fabric Manufacturing Lab, Apparel manufacturing Lab, Textile Testing & Quality Control Lab, Computer Lab, Mechanical Lab, Electronics & Electrical Lab to develop the practical knowledge of the students. The department often arranges Textile Seminars where the renowned textile professionals are brought in as guests and keynote speakers to encourage the students and keep them motivated. The Department of Textile Engineering also arranges industrial tours, so the students can get themselves acquainted with the industrial environment from their early undergraduate program. It also provides the students with opportunities to mark up their education and certificate, through transferring credit at DKTE (India) and Wuhan University (China), due to NUB’s foreign collaboration.

Being the first Digital University of Bangladesh, NUB offers e-payment, e-learning, e-library, and virtual class facilities. Besides, it has an enriched library, canteen facilities, mosque, medical center, indoor-sports room, career counseling club and entrepreneurship club for its students. Transport and accommodation facilities will be available from January, 2020. To break the monotony and keep learning interesting for the students, Cricket Tournament, Table Tennis Tournament, cultural events are also arranged by the Department of Textile Engineering. In order to face the challenges of the 21st century and be a representative of the most revenue earning industry of the country, Northern University Bangladesh believes in “knowledge for innovation and change” and ensures to generate a number of brilliant, hardworking and skilled textile engineers each year.