Enterprise 360 Signs Partnership Agreement with US Based Globally Renowned Investment Company Euro Credit Holdings

signed a partnership agreement

Enterprise 360 Limited has signed a partnership agreement with US Based Globally Renowned Investment Company Euro Credit Holdings to extend collaboration, cooperation and exchange of networks in order to facilitate Bangladeshi business enterprises by providing bulk amounts of loans for the expansion of their business in a cost-efficient way so that the sustainability goal can be achieved.

Henceforth, Enterprise 360 Limited will work as the local representative of Euro Credit Holdings for establishing connections with Bangladeshi business enterprises, promoting and selling their financial products in Bangladesh.

Euro Credit was built on a basic but revolutionary principle: a company that provides specific lending and other financing services should, first and foremost, be client-focused. They believe in always delivering peak value with lending services marked by a high-touch approach. Their interaction is focused on value-driven financing engagements where each financing transaction is for the benefit of the client rather than for the entities that structure the transaction. Euro Credit’s core principle was designed to rebel against the outdated norm that characterizes other securities-based lenders and financing services firms. Their revolutionary model and intentional dissolution of transaction-centric loan and financing services translate to more value for the client. They have eliminated business interactions that place a priority on the interests of corporate owners of financing services firms ahead of a client’s interests. Instead, their independence from corporate overseers and our focus on proving the highest value lending and financing services ensure that their clients are always the priority.

Enterprise 360 Limited is a Management Consulting firm incorporated in Bangladesh which works to build sustainable businesses across the globe based on its “3P model”. It provides a complete system including a digital transformation system to business enterprises for achieving excellent Environmental Performance, Social Performance and Economic Performance. This firm is open to serving Startups, SMEs and Large Enterprises across industries whether they are manufacturers or service providers. The main focus of Enterprises 360 is to help business enterprises in their capacity building for improving efficiencies so that they can make their business sustainable. For further information about Enterprise 360 Limited, please visit www.enterprise360.biz