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Envoy Textiles using Robotic Machinery to raise output


envoy-textilesEnvoy Textiles (ETL) is using robotic machinery to raise output and improve the quality of their products. As Kutubuddin Ahmed, Chairman of the Envoy Group points out, the use of robotic technology ensures higher productivity and good quality of yarn. Although the initial investment in sophisticated technologies is high, at the end of the day it is feasible for us, thanks to increased productivity and improved quality.

The world’s first platinum rated Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified denim factory, ETL installed the robotic machinery in its spinning section in October last year to enhance sophistication in yarn production. The company, set up in 2008 in Bhaluka, produces four million yards of denim fabric a month and employs 2,400 people. Besides using many other latest technologies and machinery for spinning and weaving, ETL has employed 14 robotic autoconers in spinning and rotor at its Bhaluka factory to produce 55 tonnes of denim yarn per day, disclosed Ahmed.

Meanwhile, in next one year, the company plans to set up a denim garment manufacturing plant on ETL’s premises or near the denim spinning and fabrics manufacturing plant — to produce clothing items using its own fabrics. Around Taka 50 crores would be invested to set up the proposed factory. Currently, ETL supplies yarn and fabrics to local and international buyers.