Epson has started releasing the latest variants in its Monna Lisa digital textile printer line

epson-fabric-printingEpson has started releasing the latest variants in its Monna Lisa digital textile printer line. The ML-64000 and ML-32000, which are equipped with 64 and 32 PrecisionCore printheads, combine the best of Epson’s world-class inkjet printing and manufacturing technologies to deliver high-quality printing at exceptional speeds in order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive and dynamic textile market.

Monna Lisa Evo Tre is equipped with Epson PrecisionCore Technology and the breakthrough Genesta PG-Revo pigment inks to enable increased productivity and exceptional quality to meet the demanding and evolving needs of the textile market. Working together with textile industry leaders, Epson Digital Textile Total Solution enables the best printing results and utmost customer satisfaction to take you to the forefront. With the Epson PrecisionCore Printheads, combine quality, accuracy and speed to produce brilliant images. Exceptional Quality, Excellent Results.

Details of this Priniting:

Genuine Epson GENESTA Inks

8-colour GENESTA inks, optimised for the Monna Lisa Evo Tre and its PrecisionCore printheads, are offered in acid, reactive, disperse, and pigment ink formulations.

Proven Mechanisms

Monna Lisa Evo Tre is an evolved new version of one of the most respected textile printers in the industry.

PrecisionCore MicroTFP Printhead

User-replaceable, high density printheads offer a winning combination of speed, durability, and quality.

Symmetrical Colour Alignment For Maximum Print Quality And Productivity

Symmetrical colour alignment ensures consistent colour overlap order is maintained during bidirectional printing. As a result, colour and pattern reproduction are exceptionally uniform, and even areas of solid colour and fine geometric patterning can be beautifully rendered while maintaining high throughput.

Improved Tonal Shading And Edge Definition

Superior printhead positioning accuracy and ink droplet control ensure excellent thin line reproduction and edge sharpness, with improved grain on lighter colours. And whatever the fabric or design, GENESTA inks can accurately render everything from delicate hues to bold, bright colours.

Full Service Solutions For Digital Textile Printing

At our Textile Solution Center in Como, Italy, and at a new center slated to open in Japan in 2020, we offer a full range of consulting and support services. From equipment demos and sample production, to advice on pre and post-processing techniques, we provide full service support for every stage of the fabric printing process.

Complies With Global Standards For Sustainability

Epson GENESTA inks meet globally recognised standards for environmentally friendly textile printing. We are a bluesign® system partner, and have received ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification.