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Epyllion Group awarded “Excellence Award” to its employees


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Work of excellence enormously signifies beyond the performance of an employee.  To acknowledge the Excellence of Human Spirit every year ‘Epyllion Excellence Award’ recognizes the exemplary contribution of individual employees or a team of co-workers whose work has had a sustainable impact on Epyllion. This year Epyllion Excellence Award 2020 has announced 79 employees under 9 deserving Teams with excellence on 21 January 2021 considering the significant influence on business under the presence of Reaz Uddin-Al Mamoon, Chairman of Epyllion Group; Directors, MANCOM members, Unit Heads and Senior Officials of Epyllion Group.

The incredible teams are HR, Admin & CSR team, Medical team, Engineering & Project management team, Business planning team, MERIT Team of Marketing & Merchandising, Marketing & Merchandising Team, Textile Research & Development Team, Design Studio Team and Maintenance Team. At the same event, the Special Performance award of 2020 for Epyllion Style Limited and Textile Division declared for recognition of the exceptional performance of the Business Units.