Epyllion Limited arranged “New Business Lines Inauguration Ceremony”

write-up-pdf-finalAccessories & Packaging Unit of Epyllion has become the ‘one-stop solution’ for garments accessories & packaging need in Bangladesh and transformed itself into a big Accessory Hub by adding new product lines, modern technology and increased capacity of existing facilities. The Unit is always a step ahead in the market in providing the best business solution to customers.

Epyllion Limited has recently arranged a “New Business Lines Inauguration Ceremony” on 23 October 2021 where the Chief Guest, Mr. Najeeb Sayed Akbar, Senior Director Sourcing & Production of PHV Corp. expressed his view that Epyllion is a great company as it equally gives focus on People, Process and Product.

Chairman Mr. Reazuddin Al Mamoon congratulated all the industry leaders with ethics who struggled to have their mark and are still struggling to remain in the industry. Preferring to business and personal ethics over all other things, he said that it is time to focus on the resources and possibilities inside the country. He also added to give value to those by ensuring proper uses of resources inside the country and then should source from outside. Mr. Nimaljith, Chief Operating Officer of EPL expressed that Epyllion Limited will be the best in market in providing the best business solution to customers through innovation, dedication, people development and usage of modern technology.

As the major market player in Bangladesh, Epyllion Limited offers new products such as Printed Gum Tape, Heat Transfer, Mobilon Tape, Button Poly, Printed Elastic & Tape, Silicon, Rubber & Leather Patches, RFID Tag & Stickers, Thermal Stickers, Zip Locked Poly, with innovative anti-bacterial, anti-mold poly (over 99%) and many more. Besides it also offers world class testing service equipped with testing machines & materials and ultra-modern technology.