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Ethiopia’s textile and garment sector has exceeded its goal export revenues


ethipiaOver the last five months, Ethiopia’s textile and garment sector has exceeded its goal export revenues. The leather business, in particular, fared exceptionally well, with leather exports expected to generate $90 million this year. The industry is considered as having a huge chance to help the country’s overall economy by improving its performance.

Textile items are exported by 80 of the country’s nearly 400 textile and garment enterprises. The textile and leather sectors have highlighted a number of issues, including the availability of foreign money, input raw materials, and spare parts. One of Ethiopia’s most important manufacturing industries is textiles and garments. Earnings in foreign currencies are given precedence in order to compensate for the existing lack of hard money. Market prospects are being investigated to gain potential buyers in the worldwide market in order to establish effective market connections with reputable purchasers. To address the cotton deficit, a 15-year National Cotton Development Strategy has been developed. Ethiopia will harvest a large amount of cotton for export as well as to meet the needs of the domestic textile sector. Several big international corporations have made investments in Ethiopia’s textile and garment industries.