Eurodye CTC acquired the Stephenson Group Textile Chemicals business


Eurodye CTC acquired the Stephenson Group Textile Chemicals business. Stephenson Textiles will form a key part of the Eurodye CTC business future. Stephenson Textiles began in Yorkshire, England in 1856 and formed the back-bone of the Stephenson business for over 150 years. Over the last ten years the Stephenson business has focused on its growth in other sectors and as a result felt that Eurodye CTC was the best partner to ensure the long-term prosperity of its Textile Chemicals business.

The intention is to change nothing due to this transition and all customers, agents and distributors will receive the same products to the same specifications. Manufacture will be transferred in an orderly fashion to Eurodye CTC over the couple of months. With effect of 14th November 2018, all future orders should be sent to: Eurodye CTC.

From Stephenson Group, Jamie Bentley mentioned; “The sale of our Textile business marks a big moment in the long history of Stephenson Group. I would personally like to thank all our customers for their support over many years and assure them that we, along with Robin and the Eurodye team will ensure that this transition is smooth and that the end result for our customers is a stronger fully committed supply chain.”From Eurodye CTC, Michel Leclerc mentioned; “I am delighted to have acquired the Stephenson Textile business. It brings new products and expertise to our business that will make it stronger.”

EURODYE-CTC represented by well known Fabpro Specialities Ltd a Harris & Menuk company in Bangladesh for last 17 Years.As per AzeezAsukeen ,new product line further strengthen company’s offering mainly for the wool sector, also new upgraded Application Research Laboratory facility will work closer with EURODYE-CtC for wool garments wet process solutions.

Fabpro Specialities Ltd a Harris & Menuk company upgraded their laboratory service facility with the new machinery and test methods.Their new laboratory situated in Level 12 , Giant Business Tower , Uttara.Harris& Menuk represent ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ and market their auxiliaries to  knit and woven industry in Bangladesh , Srilanka& India.