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European-based NINA VON C. and PALMERS incorporate TENCEL™ branded modal fibers to expand sustainability offerings


tencel-2Beyond its commitment to sustainability, the TENCEL™ brand constantly strives to collaborate with companies to better consumer experience across the globe and make sustainable lifestyle more accessible. With this goal, the TENCEL™ brand is delighted to share its co-branding campaigns with two European brands, NINA VON C. that launched in July and PALMERS in November this year, to broaden consumers’ options for eco-friendly innerwear.

With over 105 years of history, PALMERS is renowned in Central Europe for its “green” lingerie sold from over 300 store locations across 17 countries. An inclusive label for women, PALMERS has been dedicated to innovating high-quality products for consumers and expanding its brand into the international arena. Similarly, NINA VON C. has been producing lingerie and innerwear for Germany, Portugal and Romania since 1920. Placing great emphasis on sustainable designs, the brand is committed to creating products that feel good to the skin and are crafted with high quality materials.

Both PALMERS and NINA VON C. diversified their product offerings with TENCEL™ branded modal fibers. Extracted from naturally grown beech wood, TENCEL™ Modal fibers offer textiles a long-lasting quality of exquisite softness and are biodegradable, meaning they will fully revert back to nature. Not only is the wood-based fiber twice as soft as cotton, it can also withstand repeated wash and dry cycles, providing innerwear both good for the body and the environment.

To drive awareness, the TENCEL™ brand actively conducted in-store and online activities to heighten consumer awareness of TENCEL™ Modal fibers for innerwear. NINA VON C. featured the TENCEL™ brand prominently in 70 store windows across Germany, included information about the fiber on its website and product pages, and launched a promotional giveaway of 5,000 co-branded fragrance bags. Likewise, the TENCEL™ brand’s ongoing campaign with PALMERS will see 97 shop windows in Austria and Germany display the TENCEL™ brand for 3 weeks, offer in-store promotions in 216 shops for 5 months, and provide 220 co-branded fiber process boxes.

The TENCEL™ brand is thrilled to watch both campaigns come to life, raise the sustainability credentials of the innerwear segment, and is always working closely with various segments to minimize the environmental footprint in the industry and exude positive influence in the textile community. By partnering with brands sharing similar values, the TENCEL™ brand hopes to move the industry toward a more sustainable future.