Evitex Dress Shirt Limited hiring people with disabilities


evitex-dress-shirt-limitedBangladesh’s garment industry is aiming towards reaching an export target of USD 80 billion by 2026. An abundance of potential labor gives our ready-made garment (RMG) industry a comparative advantage. The sector can also benefit a lot from the country’s existing demographic. Despite such opportunities, many RMG factories are still facing a shortage of skilled labor.Many RMG employers are increasingly recognizing the value of persons with disabilities in their workforce. Evitex Dress Shirt Limited a LEED certified green factory sister concern of Evince Group hiring disable people with disabilities.

They have appointed such physically unsound people who are earning their livings by working in Evitex Dress Shirts with their physical limitations.

It’s a great opportunity for them to create Evitex Dress Shirt Ltd. where the Occupation world is only designed for the able-bodied persons usually. Therefore, it’s a major area of concern that needs immediate actions in order to open a new Horizon for the physically handicapped people by making them trained and appointing them to the Work force as per their abilities and obviously they can prove themselves.

Around Six disable person working in this factory at Finishing, sewing and store department. Evitex Dress has taken great initiatives by empowering those physically troubled people. For example, Mr.Rofik Mia working in the Finishing Section successfully had a hearing problem. He has proved himself as a strong team-mate here. Mukta Rani Mohonto working . as a Sewing Operator and earned her livelihood.

“Physically challenged people are also part of society and want to lead dignified life by taking part in the mainstream of development activities. We don’t discriminate between people with special needs, as we believe in equal opportunities for all, said, Shah Adeeb Chowdhury,Director, Evince Group.

Mr.Shah Adeeb Chowdhury also said, It’s part of CSR, we are always training them to bring them up to par with their counterparts and ensure they are treated equally in accordance with Human Rights such as working hour, wages, leave etc,added Mr.Adeeb.