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Exports of Uzbek apparel rose by 112 percent from January to July


uzbekistan-garmentThe exports of Uzbek apparel fabric rose by 112 percent from January to July to $1 billion with new markets opening up and the production of new goods. During that time , the country exported to 57 countries and regions textile clothing items. Russia (39%), China (18%), Kyrgyzstan (13%), and Turkey (12%) were the major destinations.

Uzbekistan also exports to Hungary, Slovakia and Greece in addition to conventional markets. It exported to that country for the first time this year with the assistance of the Uzbek embassy in Kuwait.

According to an article in an Uzbek media agency, Uzbekistan optimized its industry’s export commodity structure by increasing the proportion to 51% of finished goods, including knitwear and readymade clothing.It has also begun manufacturing new items such as garments and safety masks. Uzbek Textiles reportedly manufacture and ship 6 million masks and 10,000 sets of defensive clothing daily to Russia, Kuwait, Ukraine, Belarus , Georgia and other countries. The government has also made a promise to simplify the mechanism by which manufacturers can earn value-added tax discounts following shipments of their products.