Fabric Development is the key factor for RMG

Engr. Anjuman Tumpa

Day-by-day fabric is the most versatile and technical part of garments. Textile Engineers can establish their own creativity through research and development to innovate different seasonal trends to raise buyer glamour through innovative fabric structure and design.

Generally, fabric manufacturers in Bangladesh are comfortable and familiar with the basic fabric (cotton). But they are not concentrating to make high-end fabrics such as fleece fabrics. But this is time to focus on Value added products.

Our garment industry has sporadically developed. Now that’s going to be the structural format. The industry is passing a good time for changing the formation. From the very beginning, our clothing buyers thought Bangladesh was making very cheap products with cheap labour costs. But in recent times it has incredibly transformed itself and started producing diversified garment products. A few factories are delivering sustainable high-end readymade garments (RMG) products

Bangladesh’s top 30 apparel items exported to the world: –

Cotton knitted T-shirtsM/B cotton knitted trousers
M/B cotton woven trousersW/G cotton knitted briefs & panties
Cotton knitted Jerseys & pulloversM/B cotton knitted underpants
W/G cotton woven trousersNon cotton woven Brassires
MMF knitted Jerseys & pulloversCotton knitted Babies’ garments
M/B cotton woven shirtsNon cotton knitted Jerseys & pullovers
W/G cotton knitted trousersNon cotton knitted T-shirts
M/B synthetic woven trousersW/G synthetic woven trousers
M/B cotton knitted shirtsW/G cotton knitted nighties
M/B synthetic woven jackets & blazersM/B cotton woven jackets & blazers
W/G synthetic knitted trousersM/B MMF woven shirts
W/G woven of rubberised or coated fabricsCotton knitted Dresses
M/B woven of rubberised or coated fabricsW/G cotton woven blouses
W/G MMF woven blousesCotton woven Babies’ garments
W/G synthetic woven jackets & blazersM/B cotton knitted pyjamas

Source: BGMEA M-Men’s, W-Women’s, B-Boys, G-Girls

At present, Textile engineers face challenges with a few fabric qualities such as pilling of blend fabric, spirality of low gsm, stripe and heather fabric, the dimensional stability of sweater look loose constructed designed fabric, and fiber migration for brushback fleece fabric. To meet the pilling raw material quality prior to the process, blend yarn should be vortex spinning, or if it is ring-spun cotton- should be combed quality and must add singing, anti-pilling treatment is a must.

Bangladesh locally produces fabric for export:

Woven FabricKnit fabricDenim Fabric
 Twill  Poplin Voil Viscose  Linen  Canvas  Satin Dobby Oxford )Rib  stop100% Ctn S/J 150gsm 100% ctn slub s/j 150gsm 80/20 Ctn/Poly Fleece 300gsm 60/40 Ctn/Poly Fleece 300gsm 95/5 Ctn/Elastane S/J 180gsm 100% Ctn Fleece 300gsm 100% Ctn 2×2 rib 200gsm 95/5 Ctn/Elastane 3X3 rib 480gsm 100% Ctn terry 300gsm 100% Ctn Pique 200gsm100% cotton 98/2 cotton spandex Cotton poly spandex Cotton poly viscose spandex Knit Denim Fake  Knit Denim

Fabric is the nucleus of garments, the maximum profitability of RMG comes from the fabric. Make up for some deficiencies of existing fabrics in the market. Sales competition, and now people like to try new fabrics and styles, so clothing manufacturers need to develop new fabrics and styles to gain a foothold in the competition. Product update and iteration, new products will have a good price.

Author: Engr. Anjuman Tumpa ( 7th batch TED of AUST),

Asst. Manager, R&G Guanxi.