Fashion and bingo through the ages

Heading out for a night of bingo is a cemented part of western culture. For decades, the masses have enjoyed bingo, and although the classic bingo hall is no longer as popular, the game itself is still in high demand for people of all ages. Although the game isn’t typically linked to fashion and the textiles industry, bingo has seen a number of fashion eras head through their doors.

Fashion and bingo through the ages

Like fashion, bingo and the way we experience it has changed through the ages. Now, it can be enjoyed in a vast number of ways – both offline and online.

Both industries have something for everyone; catering for the old and new every step of the way. While some fashion fanatics love the classic and boisterous materials used in vintage clothing, others enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends. The same can be said for bingo players of all ages.

Bingo used to be a great night out in the 60s. Social buildings and cinemas were transformed into bingo halls, and the clientele came along for a special night out, dolled up with shift dresses, turtlenecks, and tall boots. Now, this style epitomizes retro-chic and is an iconic era for fashion.

In the 80s and 90s, the novelty of the once prestigious bingo hall disappeared, as did the need to dress up. As a result, fashion for a bingo night became more casual and understated, with players donning t-shirts, vests, and denim.

Into the modern era

In the modern world, bingo is no longer one-size-fits-all. Depending on how, when, and where you like to play, you can find the perfect game, hall, or site to suit you. To find the right fit for you, check out As such, it also means what you wear can differ greatly. You can opt for the same outfits as you would heading to the hall or sit back in your comfies and enjoy the game just as much at home. For special occasions, you might take inspiration from the past and dress up for a night of bingo, cocktails, and food, or head to the hall on your way home from work in your office attire.

And, for those that want to keep the original sense of novelty alive, themed bingo halls or sites offer players the chance to relive the golden years or dress up as their favorite musical characters.

Where does bingo sits in the world of fashion?

Bingo brings the best of both worlds to its players. They can freely dress to the nines for a fun night out at the bingo hall or keep things casual for a Sunday session with friends. Alternatively, thanks to digitalization, people can choose to play traditional or themed bingo in their own homes.

When it comes to fashion, bingo represents a number of eras, from the retro 60s to the disco 80s and onwards. So whatever your style, bingo is the perfect opportunity to have some fun in whatever outfit you feel comfortable in.