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Fashion exports in Turkey increased by 5.8 per cent


TURKEY Peaks in Fashion EXPORTS 2020. During this time, Europe was Turkey’s principal customer. During this time Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom increased their imports of Turkish fashion products by 4.7%, 8.7% and 3.9% respectively. Also among the major importers of Turkish fashion were the Netherlands, France, the USA, Denmark, Iraq and Poland.

The share of apparel in Turkey’s overall exports in January 2020 was 10.1 per cent. Turkey’s garment exports are projected to rise by 10 per cent due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, which has delayed shipments. Turkey is the seventh biggest cotton producer in the world. It has the biggest machinery park in the world. The Turkish textile sector has a very strong image in the global market.

Thanks to its state-of – the-art technology, versatile manufacturing capacity, the opportunity to manufacture unique goods and high-quality workers, the industry stands out. It is Europe’s largest textile manufacturer. Significant breakthroughs continue not only in architecture and fashion but also in advanced textiles. The entire Turkish fashion and ready-made clothing market has the largest excess foreign exchange surplus.