Fashion Globe Group joins hands with Textile Focus for promoting industry best practices

Bangladesh-based one of the vertical RMG manufacturers and exporter Fashion Globe Group joined hands together with Textile Focus as an Industry Associates partner for promoting industry best practices globally.

The signing and crest handover ceremony was held recently at the corporate office in the capital. In this signing ceremony, Managing Director of Fashion Globe Group Md. Nazmul Kabir; Editor: Textile Focus and Denim Focus M A Islam Riyadh; Asst Manager of Textile Focus and Denim Focus Rakibul Islam were present. Being a part of this, Textile Focus Industry Associates will be able to utilize the knowledge, and communication and promote their factory’s good practices.

Md. Nazmul Kabir, Managing Director of Fashion Globe Group appreciated the activities of Textile Focus and Denim Focus and he mentioned: “I really appreciate the activities of Textile Focus and Denim Focus. They are promoting positive news and best practices through their magazines and activities which is a remarkable involvement for branding Bangladesh worldwide”.

M A Islam Riyadh said: “We have been working for Banding Bangladesh from the very beginning. We are coming up with some value-added projects in the coming days.”

The founder is Md. Nazmul Kabir is one of the most experienced and professional garment personnel in Bangladesh. He started this in the Year 2007 with 3 people working with him. Now in his company, he has altogether about 5,000 Employees including himself. We can confidently say that FASHION GLOBE GROUP is the name of the Special Denim Collection Creator in Bangladesh. Fashion Globe group has six sister concerns including AR Jeans Producer Ltd, FGS Denim Wear Ltd, AR Wet Processing Ltd, Fashion Globe International, AR Corporation, and AR Logistic.

AR Jeans Producer Ltd., a sister concern of Fashion Globe Group is the country’s one of the top LEED Platinum certified green denim Manufacturing plants. AR Jeans Producer Ltd. strives for sustainable and accountable business practices in Bangladesh and is establishing the definitive business model that manufacturers and customers can follow for the benefit of everyone.