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The fashion industry is merging with the technological revolution


Fashion industry is changing rapidly and moving forward with technological revolution. This includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Animation, Social Shopping, Machine Learning etc. This initiative will not only enhance consumer experience but also redefine the standards of the industry. One of the notable aspects of this progression is that it can restructure the production, marketing, and customer services. JITGM (Just In Time Garments Manufacturing) is a process based on the Augmented Reality concept. Consumers can use this technology to analyse the different elements such as fabric, color, prints, style via AR images. The application will provide different variants of the finished products. The final order will be placed based on approval and selection. Companies can print, cut, sew and dispatch the garment within 48 hours and make the delivery to the consumers.

High demand for clothes in the global market has adversely impacted the environment. The textile industry utilises excessive water and electricity for production. The dyes and chemicals used cause pollution and disrupt the natural ecosystem. Companies and research institutions are continually working on various techniques to minimise the damage.