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Feedback from- Rita Lu, Managing Director , Wuxi Yicheng Chemicals Co. Ltd


Due to the pandemic situation, European Union and the world put the effort into textiles, clothes, footwear, and accessories supply chains, in the midst of an ongoing social and climate crisis. On another hand, the COVID has seriously impacted major manufacturing hubs (China, India, and Italy), leading to major supply disorders. The textile and apparel industry uses about 8000 types of chemicals in various forms.

On the other hand, the supply crash caused brands and retailers to break agreements, cancel orders, delay delivery, and request supplier discounts. In this regard, chemical manufacturers & agents are facing some challenges due to pandemic. Team Textile Focus has recently talked with Rita Lu Managing Director , Wuxi Yicheng Chemicals Co. Ltd

Textile Focus: In this pandemic, How do you see Bangladesh Market?   

Rita Lu:  Wuxi Yicheng Chemicals Co. Ltd is one of the specialized in Textile Processing Chemicals & Auxiliaries. We are manufacturer of certified Textile Processing Chemicals n auxiliaries. As a sustainable chemical manufacturer we have a all certifications including ZDHC, bluesign, Gots .

Still our business is good in Bangladesh market. I believe I think Bangladesh market will be very good because their supply chain is more and more perfect and   government supports trade. Also perfect the traffic and transport. We have plan to set up a factory in Bangladesh after covid-19.