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We find Bangladesh market is very potential for knitting oil….Mr. Vijesh Babubhai Patel, Chairman, Dutch Lube Company Ltd.


On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony Textile Focus editor M A Islam Riyadh talked with Dutch Lube Company Ltd. top management. Mr. Vijesh Babubhai Patel, Chairman of Dutch Lube Company Ltd. He is B.E. Chemical from Gujrat University. He had working experience from 1981-1988 in Ventron Chemical Ltd. collaboration with Stockhauson Gmbh, Germany as General Manager (Marketing). Mr. Md. Noor Iman, Managing Director, Dutch Lube Company Ltd., he has B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Chemistry and long experience in knitting oil marketing. Engr. Md. Kawsar Alam Sikder, Chief Executive Officer, Dutch Lube Company Ltd., he is B.Sc. Engineering in Textile with more than 19 years experience in knit fabrics and garments manufacturing.

Textile Focus: Can you please brief on your company?

Mr. Vijesh: Knitting oil is very sensitive product. With lots of trails we developed the product and launched in Indian market. We are in this business more than 35 years. We joined this business in 1982 and in 1997 we launched this product in Indian market. Within 03 years we captured 80% of market in India. Bangladesh is a great market for knitting industry and based on our success in Indian market we launched this product in Bangladesh. The products is based on 80% of mineral oil which we are importing from USA and balance adhesive we are importing from Germany. As the product is very sensitive we don’t want to take any risk regarding quality issue. Oil price is very cheap but the machine is very costly. We are to compete with the European brands. So, we have to check every process. Consistency is very important for sustainable business and we are very concern about it. If something is wrong with our products there are other choice.

Textile Focus: What about R&D of DLCL?

Mr. Noor Iman:  We have strong R&D team with latest technological facilities. World is moving ahead and R&D is essential part of continuous development. That’s why we emphasis on R&D. Trust is very important for this business. Receiving the trust at satisfactory label is very important. Each and every lot we test at our laboratory and check all parameter. If we are not satisfied we don’t deliver the products to the customers. Another thing, we are very transparent, if any issue we will solve it at our laboratory.

Textile Focus: What are the key advantages of your products?

Engr. Kawsar: Our products are work stable with various application and influences. They are able to increase productivity significantly by reducing needle breakage and other machine breakdown. The oil is cost effective so the cost will go down further. Additionally there will be no chemicals and heat consumption is required in oil removals. The oil is with excellent lubrication critical condition, excellent scour ability-readily scoured from fabric, good high temperature stability. The oil is also formulated to meet the requirements of ECO labels. Finally DLCL knitting oil is first time an independent manufacture of Bangladesh.

Textile Focus: What is the inspiration behind setting a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh?

Mr. Vijesh: Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporter in the world. And the country has one of the largest knitting capacities in the world. And so he finds this market is a potential market for his kitting oil. We are confident that over the years we will invest more in Bangladesh to increase production capacity. Even we can export from here to other countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, and Indonesia. After fulfill the local capacity we can export to other counties.

Textile Focus: What is the feedback from your customer as you are doing business for a long time in India?

Engr. Kawsar:  Our customers are very happy with our products as we never change our quality. As mentioned in India we captured 80% market within a very short time. We don’t think of short time, we look forward to provide best quality products at a competitive rate.

Textile Focus: How do you see Bangladesh market for your products?

Mr. Vijesh: Bangladesh garment is making world class garments. So, why not other industry. We are based on German technology and close supervision of technical expart team. We request the customers to do cost benefit analysis. If the factory owners do the cost analysis, our products will be the best option for them. We hope within one year we will be in the top. Also Bangladesh industry should be proud of Bangladeshi products. You see once the factory order from Europe, if the product is not up to the mark, what will the factory do? Here our dedicated team is always ready to provide the instant service.

Textile Focus: Thanks you!

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