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In Fineotex Biotex Group Bangladesh has always been an important market- Arindam Choudhuri, CEO, Fineotex Chemical Limited


Special Correspondent  

arindam-commentOne of the global giants of specialty chemicals Fineotex Chemical Limited announced the appointment of Arindam Choudhuri as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on Monday, June 7, 2021. Mr. Arindam brings with him over two decades of deep insight, thought leadership and vast experience from the global textile chemical industry. He is known to have brought about a conscious shift in the product line of several companies by adopting sustainable practices,’ Fineotex Chemical said in a BSE filing.

Mr. Arindam holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in fibre technology, and has also completed his Marketing Management from ICFAI, Kolkata. He has completed the Chemical Management Professional course from NimkarTek, Mumbai, specializing in chemical compliance management. Recently Team Textile Focus & Denim Focus conversation with Arindam Choudhuri, newly appointed CEO of Fineotex Chemical Limited.

Textile Focus: In this pandemic, as a new CEO, how do you see the overall Textile & Apparel market?

Arindam Choudhuri: Well to be honest this question was very difficult to answer last year but I guess our Industry uniquely took position since last 3- 4 quarter to shape up with new diversification with product range which are more adaptive towards pandemic hit market. Technical textile with Health & Hygiene was the focus mainly and Fineotex Biotex have benefited from this growing trend.  Also, the home textile market grown vastly due to demand was high from western market. I do agree the apparel business was badly hit first two quarter of 2020 FY but slowly it taken its pace considering new fabric demand by the wearer with more hygiene segment specially with Anti-Microbial additives. Technical textile was a new avenue & all country exploring it professional way.

Textile Focus: How do you see Bangladesh market for Fineotex?

Arindam Choudhuri: Bangladesh we always consider in the last 2 decades as home market for us. I personally experience the backward integration majorly of all big players. And this time it will excel the growth exponentially due to China +1 supply chain concept at western countries.

Also, with Causal apparel Knits & denim, I am seeing the demand of woven shirting & suiting fabrics also come in future with home textiles in broader way. Garmenting facilities with backward intrigued manufacturing hub always pay the incentives to Bangladesh textile industry.   In Fineotex Biotex Group Bangladesh has always been an important market, we will try to drive with our sustainable product range which are the key for future business towards energy / water / time saving concepts & eco sustainable concepts like reduction of COD / BOD / TDS in process output chemicals to save mother earth.