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Fineotex joins The ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme as a contributor


Fineotex Chemical Limited realises the urgent need to completely eliminate all kinds of industrial releases of harmful chemicals into the environment. Being committed to the cause of the planet and people with a common sustainable goal for a better future, Fineotex has joined The ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme as a contributor.


Going forward, our entire product line that goes into myriad industries will substantially see a reduction in chemical footprint. Fineotex is keen to work collaboratively on this task through an active engagement with all stakeholders needed to create systemic change through open and informed dialogue to stay committed. As of today, all of Fineotex’ products used in the textile industries have been certified as being free of harmful ingredients, thus making the textile chemical production supply chain greener than ever.

But we do not stop here. With constant innovation, we want to create a value chain that is planet and people friendly. We are putting our new R & D lab in SASMIRA to develop greener chemistry & we strongly believe that manufacturing and profits can be achieved without depleting resources from the earth, and without spewing out noxious waste. We cannot undermine the fact that today, the key aspects to manufacturing are: balance, conscience and optimised production, which place the planet, people and profits on an equal footing.

We are in line with ZDHC’s belief, “empowering every point of the value chain towards safer manufacturing, we are building a new status quo. Our dynamic, determined community helps to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. Step-by-step, we want to build a better future for everyone.”