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FLEXI DENIM The digital laser technology revolution for Denim and Garment finishing

Textile Focus Technical Team

Denim industry has been advanced largely with innovative technologies and innovations. In today’s market. Denim with fashion adds high value to jeans. SEI Laser, the worldwide leader of Italian laser technology, design and manufacture integrated solutions specific to applications based on laser technology. SEI Laser’s wide range of products and laser applications are the right professional solutions to the needs of the most demanding customers in areas such as automotive, metal fabrication, lighting, converting, packaging, fashion, electronics and visual communication. SEI Laser recently introduces Flexi Denim, the most innovative solution currently available in the textile market. It is specifically designed to perform with maximum efficiency and quality for all finishing operations on fabrics such as discoloration, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving and cutting of the finished garment.

Flexi Denim is a modular and flexible system for massive production. It can be custom configured to meet the needs of customer at the time of purchase and upgrade-able later with additional options. Jeans can be processed horizontally on the tables or vertically on the mannequin (optional).

SEI leaser
Photo 01: SEI leaser introduced flexi denim, a digital laser machine that can replace traditional, manual method for finishing.

Main features

  • Modular concept
  • State-of-the-art laser technology and performances Up to 3 times higher productivity compared to conventional methods and machines
  • Lower energy consumption costs
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • Fully digital electronics control
  • Unparalleled high definition and natural gradation effects performance
  • Easy work processes with intelligent human software interface and functions
  • High reliability
  • Zero maintenance
  • Remote control and diagnostic module included


Figure: Technical feature
Figure: Technical feature

Advantages of Flexi Denim:

Flexi Denim is characterized by its innovative Icaro Denim software that enables the management and optimization of laser energy. The benefits are:

  • Reduction in energy consumption and costs
  • A throughput of up to 3 times higher than conventional methods and machines
  • Unrivalled quality with true and natural “used” 3D effects by achieving accurate and precise shades
  • Extremely intuitive and innovative user-friendly software interface that reduces set-up time to zero.
  • Unrivalled high definition and natural gradation effects by achieving a precise shades even at high speeds.
  • Garments can be quickly and accurately placed following the step-by-step guided laser preview to optimize loading time and reduce operator errors.
  • Beam size is changed by software to achieve different effects.
  • “Intelligent” import command with automatic 3D effect enhancement and laser power optimization
  • Designs, effects and sizes change are easy and immediate.
  • Flexi Denim is eco sustainable by safeguarding not just the environment but also operators’ health.
  • It reduces water wastage dramatically in the final wash (up to ten times less than required in case of traditional finishing processes) and the use of toxic and chemical substances in the different stages of production, especially during treatments to achieve particular effects on jeans.

Produce super realistic 3D effects as seen on the monitor to achieve the best vintage and used finishing on garments.

Flexi denim
Photo 02: Flexi denim safeguards the environment by reducing water consumption by 80 percent and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals.

dsc05963Recently Sei Laser along with its local agent Texo Bangladesh Trade and Commerce organized a seminar on Sei Laser Technology. Mr. Ivan Blini, International Sales, Sei S.p.A. had a nice presentation on Sei Laser technology and how it contribute for making the world green as it requires no water resulting no pollution. Flexi Denim is eco sustainable. He informed that the company is continuously working on R&D which makes the technology advanced. The history of Sei Laser is about 36 years and this technology is operation in 50 countries. Already Sei Laser has set up a benchmark in the industry with its advance features i.e reduction energy and cost consumption, operator friendly features, 100% accuracy with a very low lead time. Mr. Ivan showed some videos how the technology works on. The audience showed their eagerness to know more about the technology. Mr. Ivan informed that the company is very open and ready to get any feedback related to technical developments and ensured the best service support from their end. He also informed that their local agent Texo Bangladesh Trade & Commerce is always ready to support the industry.


Mr. Samiul Haque Polash, CEO, Texo Bangladesh Trade & Commerce informed that they are very glad to be the agent of Sei Laser in Bangladesh. Mr. Polash informed that they are working to support the industry the latest technology. Texo Bangladesh Trade & Commerce is representating some renowned brands i.e Brugman- Continuous Scouring Bleaching Range from Holland; Henriksen B.V- Jigger Technology from Netherland; Vanwyk Systems B.V- Printing Colour Kitchen from Netherland; mbk Maschinenbau GmbH- Flated Printing Machine from Germany; CIEM IMPIANTI srl- Biological ETP with External Oxygention System (EOX) from Italy; Sei Laser S.p.A- Laser Technology for Denim & Textile Garments Finishing from Italy. Mr. Polash inform that as Bangladesh is moving forward in textile industry with sustainable developments new technology and development must be introduced at Bangladesh market. He hoped the laser technology by Sei Laser for Denim & Textile Garment finishing will be a game changer technology which will help the manufacturers to reduce cost and time also it will hap to produce value added products. Mr. Polash expressed his satisfaction working with Sei Laser and he is continuously receiving support and technological update from Sei Laser instantly.

dsc06020Textile professionals from different factories express their eagerness for Flexi Denim. Mr. Monim Ullah, Managing Director, Jeans Collection informed that Flexi Denim technology is a revaluation for Denim and Textile Garment Finishing. He informed that he have found the real track advantage of using the technology.

Flexi Denim- the art of digital laser revelation and solution for denim and textile garment finishing with the highest productivity, highest quality and ease of use is marketed in Bangladesh market by TEXO Bangladesh Trade and Commerce. Mr. Polash thanked everyone for their presence in interest on Flexi Denim.

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