FTi Group: We are more than you imagine


A multi-diversified firm with unique ideas and moral vision

Farzad Islam Antor is a Director of the FTi Group of companies, which started its journey in January 2023. FTi Group was founded by Ferdous Tahera Islam, Fateh-ul Islam and Farzad Islam Antor. Farzad Islam Antor graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University and after graduation, he involved apparel sector since 2016.

Mr. Farzad joined his family business to help expand the business. His key goals include strengthening their marketing operations and optimizing efficiency. His other interests involve promoting FTi as a champion of sustainability and workplace inclusion and diversity.

Recently team Textile Focus had a conversation with Farzad Islam Antor He shared many important issues as follows:

Photo: Farzad Islam Antor is a Director FTi Group of companies.

Recent Scenario of the RMG Sector:

The overall performance of the RMG sector has not been as expected. Most of the factories are not able to fill up their full capacities resulted in reducing production lines and running the factory with stock fabrics. Even though the dollar amount had increased this year it mainly resulted from the high-value orders that were placed with Bangladesh, but it had no major impact on quantity. Additionally, due to the rising raw material prices a big chunk was ultimately passed onto suppliers.

We are still optimistic about the sector’s future. I believe, in order to regain track, we need to focus on market diversification, product development, shifting to high-end fashion items, technological upgradation, design and skill development and more modernizations.

Let’s focus on the standard of excellence through customer satisfaction with innovative designs for diversified products.

Second Generation Leadership in the RMG sector:

The second generation has to come up because RMG operates all over the world and also needs comprehensive modernization. In addition, there is a great need for value-added products and product diversification. For me, the vision of young and honest leadership can be the driving force that will enable me to become number 1 in the world. Besides, they have more knowledge in terms of innovation and technology that would help build up the business more effectively.

Also, I feel it is a blessing for the second generation that we are getting a chance to continue what our predecessors have started, and hopefully, will continue their legacies to make them and the country proud.

Currently, I am working on automating our business operations. I was initially overseeing the end-to-end process and once I had the hold of things, I started working towards implementing new ideas to uplift ourselves.

About FTi Group and Contribution on Countries Economy:

FTi Group of companies started its journey in January 2023. FTi Group was founded by Ferdous Tahera Islam, Fateh-ul Islam and Farzad Islam Antor.

It is a multi-diversified firm with unique ideas and moral vision. Our Mission is to captivate our customers and enlarge their value through inventive solutions, magnificent employees, the transformation of technological evolution and living in harmony with the environment.

This is a platform where consumers will find their key to meet their desires.

The group has stepped into a wide range of different markets and industries. Such as:

Platinum Sourcing and Services Ltd: This is mainly the buying house operation for retail apparel and fashion having varieties of products that include, knit & woven, home textiles, leather & jute products. The customers are based in Europe, Latin America, Asia. PSSL has a strong manufacturing base with a range of its associated Garments Factories equipped with sophisticated Spinning, Knitting, Weaving, Dyeing, finishing and wash facilities fully compliant as regards to UK, USA and European standards. The products include all kinds of apparel, leather, jute products and as well as home textiles.

FTi Lifestyle and Clothing Brands: This is an e-commerce-based platform for apparel. They make Their own designed products and trade on the website and social media with some unique features that would allow the consumers to feel that it is the platform where their needs and wants can be met.  

Platinum Lense and Events: It is the event management operation involved in creating, and designing all kinds of events meeting the needs and wants of the clients. It also includes services, such as photography & cinematography, musical events, DJ.

FTi Information and Technology: This operation is involved in providing technological solutions with the aim of maintaining long-term customer relationships along with growing continuously as a professional IT company and supporting our clients with front-line strategy and development solutions. Our service should permit them to advance and gain virtuous turnover. The services include software, games, IOT, blockchain & web development, IT infrastructure, and IT design.

FTi Food and Beverages: This involves the manufacturing of dry foods, snacks and drinks for the consumers having the vision to guarantee and encourage all people’s right to safe drinking water and healthy food staff.

FTi Agro and Fisheries. This is the agriculture business and the main aim of gaining revolution in the field of agriculture by enhancing the quality and standards of products. They are deeply devoted to the quality of our agro products and fisheries, which are produced under a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of experts. The products or services include fish farming, cattle farming and fruit & rice production.

Transpacific Goods Wholesalers and Co. L.L.C. This is a Dubai-based goods wholesaling & importing company, involved in importing different types of fruits, vegetables, food grains, dry food, ready-made garments, home textiles, jute products, handicrafts, home décor and biodegradable products from different parts of the world to UAE in meeting the demand of the local people residing in UAE and also for other countries of Middle East.

They are also involved in making biodegradable products, which are environmentally friendly. Through our products and services, they focus on helping their consumer satisfy their needs and making a sustainable hermetic environment. The products are sold both nationally and internationally.  

Their Mission is to captivate their customers and enlarge their value through inventive solutions, magnificent employees, the transformation of technological evolution and living in harmony with the environment.

Photo: Top Management and team member of FTI Group

Platinum Sourcing & Services Ltd (PSSL) is a concern of FTI Group has started in January 2023 to meet the global solutions to the needs of off-shore apparel, home textile, leather items & jute products sourcing for those Buyers who are seeking a dependable, reliable, experienced, state-of-the-art technology aware and modern fashion-conscious agency.

Challenges and opportunities: 

Today Bangladesh ranked as the second-largest garments producer and exporter after China. After the post-pandemic situation, knitwear export is growing but woven export decreasing so we need to introduce some value-added products to enlarge our export growth.

Recently due to the fuel price hike, we have faced a huge problem; we can’t meet up product prices with the buyer. Day by day product price is decreasing so we need a smooth supply chain for sustainable raw material sourcing.

Bangladesh needs to pick a strong position in the global apparel market, and we should focus more on innovation and value addition in the industries with a short lead time that can be the lifeline of the apparel industry.