Fulgar’s textile the new eco-sustainable Q-Cycle® yarn together with BASF’s ChemCycling™

q-cycleThe new eco-sustainable Q-Cycle® yarn is the result of the interaction between BASF’s ChemCycling™ recycling project and Fulgar’s textile skills and experience.  ChemCycling™ makes it possible to re-use fossil raw materials at the end of their lifecycle in their initial component forms, displaying the same properties as the virgin project without using non-renewable sources like oil. This unique process is carried out and assessed on the basis of a Mass Balance approach.

The result is Q-CYCLE®, an innovative polyamide 6,6 with post-consumer recycled content that offering the same functional and aesthetic benefits of lightness, strength and resistance but in a greener form. It can be used to produce high quality fabrics and is the ideal solution for all textile applications – it can be processed with ease like a normal polyamide, so it combines with all fibres. The technology can be applied to all plastic waste that cannot be mechanically recycled, like tires at end of life. Fulgar has decided to use this new material, as it is widely present and is usually incinerated, resulting in significant CO2 emissions.