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“A game-changing plan is much-needed to equip the industry growth-driver to cap its success for the days to come”- Naima Sultana, founder, Almani Tex Source and Almani Biz


ALMANI Texsource is a trusted sourcing house in Bangladesh. They started their journey in 2011. It is a unique platform of its kind that offers a one-stop complete fashion solution to many global clothing retailers with an exceptional capability to a range of products and detailed services from fashion development to delivery. ALMANI Texsource company that helps to connect our clients with the appropriate supply chain solutions through our network to meet their sourcing requirements.naima-sultana

 Naima Sultana is a venturous woman who founded the Almani Tex Source and Almani Biz with strong dedication. She is successfully leading these companies and contributing to our country’s economy. Recently she talked with team Textile Focus and shared her view about the industry. For our readers, the conversation is drafted below-

Textile Focus: What do you think about the Textile and Apparel industry of Bangladesh for 2021?

Naima Sultana: The textile and Apparel industry has been a blessing for Bangladesh throughout the years. The garment industry of Bangladesh has been the key export division and a major source of foreign exchange for the last 25 years.

At present, we are standing in the second position for garment export of the total market share. It was never easy to achieve this RMG and the revolutionary change wasn’t just a breakthrough of a single click. Rather, there were a lot of ups and downs in the industries with plenty of obstacles. And that is why we are still one of the most top market shares in the world. The garment manufacturing sector in Bangladesh has a new slogan now, “$50 billion by 2021.” This vision targets $50bn RMG export by 2021.

Fortunately, we could break all barriers in the past. Covid-19 has been another big obstacle for upcoming days. Hopefully, our industry will be able to keep its position as before by reaching the $50bn RMG export target.

Textile Focus: How does your company support the garments industry?

Naima Sultana: It’d not be possible for me to start this buying house without an ultimate level of dedication. Leaving my job, I look further to do something analytically.

ALMANI TEXSOURCE-My buying house is supplying knit, woven, jute, as well as the indigenous art to many import countries. At the same time, I’m looking forward to searching for more orders. I hope my dedication will be helpful to our industry. In addition to this, I’ve another company named ALMANI BIZ (CASTROL-Sole Distributor of Bangladesh for TEXTILE LUBRICANTS) that provides excellent service in the Knitting factories and other textile machinery Lubricants.

It’s my dream to take our Apparel industry to the best position in the world. I’m working passionately to let the dream come true.

Textile Focus: How can we promote our industry for the upcoming days?

Naima Sultana: Our well-planned initiatives can help to promote our industry. We have a lot of green Industries. These industries have great significance to the buyers. There’s a saying, “Connectivity is Productivity.” The more we will be engaged with the buyers, the more we will be benefited. Plus, we must have to ensure the best quality at a fair price. The main target of our companies should be giving quality products. Most importantly, our company’s main focus is to represent the captivating products produced by our skilled manpower. Moreover, some other factors play a crucial role. Globalization and customer demand are two of them. Our company visions to create a better future for garment manufacturing in Bangladesh. So, a game-changing plan is much-needed to equip this growth-driver to cap its success for the days to come.

I firmly believe that our company will be able to get back to the game after the Covid outbreak and get the highest buyer order ever.