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Garment steamers market grows 05%


Garment steamers have been witnessing a significant demand among professional and residential users across the globe. The global garment steamer market is growing at 05%. They are also known as clothes steamers, and these appliances use high-temperature steam to remove wrinkles. They have profound applications among residential and professional contractors. Increasing product diversification, coupled with the increasing demand for product reliability, is expected to contribute to the long-term value for professional users. Changing lifestyles and the increasing availability of consumer appliances via online channels are expected to favorably affect the clothes steamer market growth. Over the past few years, the dynamics of the clothing manufacturing industry has changed. Clothing vendors are increasing their investments in enhancing the productivity and resilience of their products.

Upright clothes steamer equipment is ideal for heavier garments as it is bulkier than hand-held streamers. These appliances have a large capacity and can steam clothes for a long duration. They are exceptionally stable and provide powerful and quick removal of wrinkles and creases. The presence of a large water tank at the base of the device enables steam to stay for a long duration. The availability of the built-in hanger makes upright steamers convenient for both residential and commercial consumers.