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Bangladesh textile industry is improving at a remarkable rate!- Donald Mulazzani, Marketing & Business Development Director, Kemin Industries

Garmon Chemicals recently acquired by Kemin Industries is a leader in the R&D and marketing of total chemical solutions, innovation and creativity for the denim and apparel industry. The company is internationally recognized as symbol of pioneering evolution in the name of a better tomorrow. Donald Mulazzani joined Garmon recently acquired by Kemin Industries as Director- Marketing & Business Development. Before joining Kemin Industries he worked in different fashion brands (Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier, North Sails, Ellesse, Iceberg) for their brand development. He has experience in wholesale/retail sales and International Business Development of luxury, fashion and sportswear brands. He has also experience in Global Communication, PR and Marketing Strategy & Strategic Licensing management. Garmon is regularly participating Bangladesh Denim Expo. Textile Focus editor M A Islam Riyadh had a meeting with Donald Mulazzani, Marketing & Business Development Director, Kemin Industries & Tariq Hameed, Country Manager-Bangladesh, Garmon. Some key points of the discussion are mentioned bellow for our readers.

Donald Mulazzani, Marketing & Business Development Director, Kemin Industries

Textile Focus: Can you please tell in brief about Kemin Industries?

Donald Mulazzani: Kemin Industries is specialized in industrial biotechnology. Kemin Industries acquired Garmon this year to diversify its portfolio. Kemin industries is operating 14 business units and specialize in food ingredients for animal and human being. Almost 5 Billion people is directly or indirectly all over the world are touched by Kemin by its products and services. The group choose Garmon because to diversify its business. we have great R&D blended with italian creativity and top quality. Strategically we believe the acquisition will boost our presence globally. For example we have launched our production hub India and we have already in Brazil, China and Turkey. This global footprint ensures technical assistance in strategic textile areas around the world, as well as capillary distribution of both chemical products and related know-how.

Textile Focus: How do you considering Bangladesh market?

screenshot-36Donald Mulazzani: Bangladesh is a key market we are looking forward Bangladesh market. Here we have Mr. Tariq Hameed as Country Manager to support us.  Bangladesh is the market which is growing very fast. Garmon is in Bangladesh market more than 10 years. We are the pioneer in innovation and fashion in washing industry. We developed very strong connection in the garment industry of Bangladesh during last 10 years. As we all know that industry is changing rapidly and there is a continuous pressure from the brands for more sustainable washes on garment and increases the requirement of transparency. This is what we are doing for the last couple of years. Training and teaching our customers is the most innovative sustainable process of our development and also know how the production process should be proceeded as per the buyer in order to meet their requirements. This is our strategy and this is an investment for future sustainable development. Our research & development is a continuous process and definitely Bangladesh Garment industry will be benefited   by the innovations of Garmon.

Textile Focus: How do you see textile industry of Bangladesh?

Donald Mulazzani: Bangladesh textile industry is improving in a remarkable rate. Bangladesh industry developed in terms of skill, technological advancement, compliance issues, know how, competing with the other countries specialized in garment manufacturing competitors. Bangladesh textile industry has a very bright future. We are finding that the big buyers are shifting from China, though China is still the biggest market for textile. China is becoming more expensive. Now Bangladesh can be the right choice for producing best quality garment. Other countries can’t compete with Bangladesh in terms of quality and prices. We don’t see any danger and afraid to Bangladesh industry in future. For this government should implement industry friendly policy. Garmon is giving more importance to Bangladesh industry. We can see a lot of very smart, talented and energetic entrepreneurs and they are investing in the right direction in skill and process developments.

Textile Focus: Is there any major changes after the acquisition by Kemin Industries?

Donald Mulazzani: Yes, there are as shifting the leadership from Italian to American. Garmon Chemicals announced January 2018 an exciting new chapter in its 30-year history. Kemin Industries, has entered into an agreement to acquire the textile auxiliary business of Garmon Chemicals. All apparel and textile customers will continue to be served exclusively by the Garmon brand, with the values and benefits that they have come to expect and to respect over the years. Kemin is very strong in investing in people developments. As an employee I feel proud to be a part of Kemin. There are still happening technical integration between two groups.

The acquisition will further increase the Garmon brand’s R&D scope, commercial penetration and service level throughout the textile auxiliary global markets. The acquisition is expected to result in greater efficiencies and significant increase of market share. The company’s global headquarters will remain in The Republic of San Marino. With this acquisition, Kemin is able to play a significant role in additional textile markets. Kemin will continue to provide quality products and services to over half of the world’s population every day, and will enter the textile industry with the new Garmon acquisition.

Textile Focus:  What about recent developments of products and upcoming technology?

Donald Mulazzani:  Recently in Bangladesh Denim Expo we presented new range of products. Garmon Chemicals takes another leap forward and introduces in its offer the new OVD dyes collection. A versatile line of direct dyes, offering significant advantages both in terms of sustainability and saving of resources. This new proposal makes the most of Garmon unique know-how on garment finishing, to broaden the perspective while offering a complete range of solutions. The result is a product range of superior quality aimed at satisfying requests from the most demanding buyers.

The new collection made in Garmon offers a selection of dyes with excellent discharge-ability, to achieve perfect results without aesthetic compromises. OVD dyes are used in cationized dyeing processes on garment, where surface deposition of the colour on fabric is required. They deliver amazing vintage looks characterized by high contrasts on abraded areas.

They achieve remarkable savings of resources:

Textile Focus: Do you have any specific plan for Bangladesh Market?

Donald Mulazzani: As I said we are boosting our distribution in Bangladesh. We are strengthening our partnership with our customers which is very important for increasing the business development. Mr. Tariq is in the front line to support us with the market feedback. Bangladesh is such a strong market for us that every time we come here to understand our customer’s requirement and provide necessary support for our products. It’s a proper partnership as our customer is our partner.  If I compare 05 years ago, today I might say we have increased our business more than double. Our target in next 05 years to boost the business double comparing now. Few years back buyers considered Bangladesh as cheap products producer. But now they are thinking Bangladesh for premium quality products.

Textile Focus: How Garmon is representing sustainability?

Donald Mulazzani:  We proudly say that we are pioneer in sustainability. We started a company as ecofriendly many years ago. Garmon Chemicals is the first one to introduce GreenScreen certification to the apparel industry. GreenScreen Certified™ builds on GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals, the globally recognized tool for chemical hazard assessment that encourages the design and use of inherently safer chemical ingredients. We started the collaboration with GreenScreen almost 4 years ago. We are focusing on sustainable chemicals products and the collaboration is fantastic. We have now more then 45+ products certified GreenScree. Today we have safe products that replace the use of potassium permanganate, chlorine and pumice stone.

percentageGarmon is ensure the best R&D where our chemists create solutions that could come from no other place. Supported by latest generation technologies, our R&D is a dynamic, open-minded environment that defines new standards of excellence. Our R&D team is aware of the relentless fashion drumbeat and therefore constantly manages dozens of projects, whose common denominator is surprising fashion effects.

Textile Focus:  Any special message if you want to convey to our readers and textile industry of Bangladesh?

Donald Mulazzani:  This is my 2nd visit in Bangladesh. There is a growing number of great factories are here and some are really technologically advanced. I found Bangladeshi entrepreneurs are investing in future. They are focused not only profits but they are wise and forward-thinking to develop their business sustainably. I feel good visiting Bangladesh and this is a market that I am learning a lot. There are more opportunity to boost our business here. We are here to stay and to build a very bright future.  In a few years time, we will be the undisputed leader and the benchmark of the industry.

Textile Focus: Thank you!



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