Garmon launched “stretch care- Flexibility meets style”


Italy-based Garmon, has set benchmarks in the textiles auxiliaries business. Garmon Chemicals has launched a Stretch Care collection. In January, the company was acquired by Kemin, a global ingredient manufacturer committed to improving the quality, safety and efficacy of feed, food and health-related products. It has been creating special relationships with top denim and sportswear brands, affirming itself as a key player able to offer a fashion-forward approach toward textile chemistry. Now the aim is to become a truly glocal company, make the business more efficient and more eco-friendly by reducing its carbon footprint and saving energy.

Consisting of all eco-sustainable and Green Screen certified products, Stretch Care is a real green package, offering avant-garde solutions. It is a set of truly responsible tools to give the garment a unique personality. In this way the line offers many alternatives and an incredibly flexible product range. Thanks to a special formulation, the Stretch Care collection develops a full range of product treatments with extraordinary characteristics. It minimizes the loss of elasticity, for superior shape retention and recovery performance. It protects fabrics and accessories from damages, greatly improving garment quality and provides the garment with a special personality and extraordinary contrasts. Finally it makes the garment feel incredibly softer to the touch.