GENESIS: M&J GROUP back at the Kingpins China tour to show authentic responsible-quality in garment making

The Group leading facility GENESIS, to drive a new path: when responsible quality means social development.

The third time at the Kingpins China Tour, has been the chance to present the new strategic path undertaken by GENESIS: M&J GROUP. The Group’s leading facility GENESIS aims to explore new business possibilities in the Chinese market through innovative and sustainable developments, showing the interconnections between quality production and a truly responsible approach, one that must also become socially conscious.

GENESIS: M&J GROUP obtained two prestigious LEED Platinum certifications in recent years, and June 2019 saw them being granted the LEED Earth for the Genesis Washing Ltd. facility, confirming its ability to stay at the forefront of quality apparel manufacturing, providing reliability and top-notch services. For the new edition of the Kingpins China Tour, the company has undertaken new developments in terms of responsibility, intended on a double track: improving the eco-conscious production processes while taking significant initiatives in terms of social responsibility.

image1The new all-round responsible approach: saving water, saving lives

In this new perspective GENESIS: M&J GROUP has been developing significant improvements. To stay at the forefront of garment washings, while developing new sustainable practices, the company adopted a new washing process to recycle 50% of treated effluent from WWTP/ETP (Wastewater Treatment Plant). Currently the company is recycling 10% of treated effluent in non-manufacturing utility requirement. However, with this new upgrade, the GENESIS facility will be able to recycle the treated effluent directly in the garment washing process, thereby reducing fresh water requirement by 50%. This improvement is important because it allows reductions in costs while keeping the garment price the same, saving lots of water as well.

The main long-term goal of the company remains to reach a “near zero” input of fresh water in the process, contributing to manage this precious resource at its best.

In the light of Bangladesh being one of the world’s most densely-populated countries, fire-safety has been a lingering concern for its citizens, especially in Dhaka, where GENESIS:M&J GROUP has its headquarters.

Due to congested roads, traffic problems and tightly packed packed buildings, narrow lanes and a general lack of awareness of fire hazards, citizens experience a risk of death and injury from fire higher than any other. This is why GENESIS:M&J GROUP has decided to set up a Mini Fire Brigade Station in GENESIS Campus, in collaboration with the Fire Service and Civil Defence of Bangladesh. This represents an important answer to the problem because although fire stations are present in the city, it normally takes up to 35 minutes to reach

the area where GENESIS is located from the nearest station. Therefore, setting up this new one will definitely represent a point of reliability during emergency situations for its encompassing 3 kilometer area here 100,000 inhabitants live (many of them garment workers) and 65 garment manufacturing companies are located.


Sharing top-quality in the new The Denim Window collaboration

The new season of GENESIS:M&J GROUP also showcases the top-quality services offered by the company, resulting in a new and fresh collaboration, brought together by The Denim Window project. The Denim Window is a showroom in Amsterdam dedicated to the world of denim, sustainability and innovation, gathering together several top players of the supply chain, united by unique excellence and expertise in the field. Starting from the idea of showcasing the best know-how of the companies joining the project, the result has been the creation of three trailblazing capsule collections. GENESIS:M&J GROUP has taken part in the creation of one of the three capsules, in partnership with PG Denim, Berto and Cadica Group, with special sewing and washing treatments such as leather, shiny, biker coating and ombre finishing, all using less water than in the traditional process. Several copies of these collections have been made to showcase worldwide while recently having been also featured in a special corner at Munich Fabric Start.