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German company Brands Fashion has spun off its logistics operations!


brands-fashionBrands Fashion is one of the market leaders for sustainable corporate workwear in Europe, and as a subsidiary company of Brands Fashion family, Brands Logistics has commenced its logistics operation in Buchholz, Germany. For many years, the world of logistics has not only grown up across the globe but also experienced undergoing extensive changes. Aiming at facing logistical challenges and optimising work processes as much efficiently as possible, Brands Fashion has spun off its logistics operations into a new subsidiary company. Since 1 January, Brands Logistics GmbH has taken over charge of e-commerce and fulfilment, taking on the logistics functions for a variety of online stores and marketplace merchants.

From goods receiving, storages, picking, shipping to return processing, Brands Logistics is providing support to many brands for getting success in the world of e-commerce. The new company is led by Frank Blankertz (COO), former in charge of logistics with Brands Fashion, and Peter Böttcher (CEO), who has moved over from the parent company Jebsen & Jessen. Developing logistics fit for the future demanding innovative solutions, as Managing Director (MD) Peter Böttcher points out: “It’s impossible to solve the challenges in logistics without a new mindset.”