Germany has emerged the top destination of Bangladesh’s apparel


According to latest data released by Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau shows, Germany has emerged the top destination of Bangladesh’s apparel exports to the world in October 2018, followed closely by the United States.

Bangladesh earned $2.06 billion from exports to Germany during July-October 2018. This was a 19 per cent gain over the $1.73 billion from the same period last year. Knitwear fetched $ 1.23 billion during this period, a gain of 13 per cent gain. Woven items surged over 29 per cent, fetching over $834 million during this first fiscal quarter.

The US market, which once was top apparel export destination for Bangladesh, saw an impressive gain during the first quarter. The total apparel exports during this period fetched $2 billion, marking a 31 per cent gain over last year’s $1.56 billion. The way Bangladeshi manufacturers are adding values to their industry as well as skill development, Bangladesh will gain more from other countries soon.  


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