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Giant Group is maintaining proper safety measures to fight against Covid- 19


 Desk Report

giant-textilesGiant Group is one of the sustainable garments manufacturing units in Bangladesh that has been taking extensive safety measures to ensure workers’ health and safety in this COVID-19 pandemic.

The measures include social distancing while entering the security post of the factory premises, hand washing and sanitizing before entering the premises, thermal check and health center precautions for the workers. So that the safety of all the workers are ensured.

This company maintaining the social distancing safety guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). At its knitting sewing, cutting, finishing, packing sections the factory is ensuring social distancing among the workers.

According to Giant group officials, they are trying our best to balance between the personal health risks and economic consequences from previous pandemic situation. During our daily team brief, we continue to remind ourselves of our commitment towards ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Covid- 19 safety measures of Giant Group:

–  Employees attend mandatory awareness and training session on Covid-19 and the precautions that need to be maintained in both personal and organizational level – We will continue this for a few weeks.

– Hand and shoe washing facilities

– Masks were provided to all our employees and it is now mandatory to have them on at all times

– Maintaining social distancing

–  Doctor, nurses, welfare officers as well as cleaners are provided with PPEs

– Factory floors are being sterilized few times a day

“Giant was born in a country that struggled through a hard-won Independence; We give back to the society more than what we take from it. We make textiles, and we foster people. Where social and environmental impact are as important as growth. Where people’s enterprise & creativity are more valuable than the machines they work with. Where the well-being of employees extends to caring for their loved ones as well.” Said by Officials from Giant Group