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Global Brand alternating their sourcing after Corona impact


New work by Panjiva, the coronavirus effect supply chain intelligence unit has contributed to the diversification of the brand’s supply chain into newer countries. Levi Strauss and Adidas have expanded their imports from Cambodia while Fast Retailing, a parent of Uniqlo, has moved to Vietnam. In the past two years, Ralph Lauren’s import profile has also improved, with its seaborne imports dropping to 25.4 per cent of the total in 2019 from 34.6 per cent in 2018.

This also happened in consumer goods where the Costco Wholesale Corp. warehouse club was 16.5% superior to 0.29 TEUs per million COGS and 0.09% registered Asian visibility. Data also showed that imports from Asia dropped year-over-year by 10.7 per cent in the three months ended February 29, 2020. Pricesmart Inc. posted Asian exposure to zero per cent, but it underperformed the sector by a 13.3 per cent negative. That’s because its exposure to the Asian supply chain was much higher, at 1.43 TEU per million COGS.

Panjiva claims that using containerized freight imports from Asia against a neutral measure of the supply chain of a product, as calculated by TEUs, is a more complex measure of the market of an apparel company.