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Global fiber production is expected to increase by 34%


global-fiber-productionGlobal fiber production is expected to increase by 34 per cent to reach 146 million ton in 2030. Fiber production doubled in 2000 to 109 million ton in 2020 from 58 million ton. Per person fiber production increased from 8.4 kg per person in 1975 to 14kg per person in 2020. According to a new Textile Exchange report, market share for preferred fiber and materials grew significantly in 2020. Between 2019 and 2020 the market share of preferred cotton increased from 24 to 30 per cent and recycled polyester from 13.7 to 14.7 per cent. Preferred cashmere increased from 0.8 to 7 per cent of all cashmere produced while Responsible Mohair Standard certified fiber expanded from 0 to 27 per cent of all mohair produced worldwide in its first year of existence in 2020. The market share of FSC and/or PEFC certified MMCFs increased to approximately 55-60 per cent. While the market share of recycled MMCFs is only 0.4 per cent, it is expected to increase significantly in the following years.