Our goal in 2022 is to make at least 50 percent of our orders with sustainable fabric instead of cotton.


The whole world has been suffering a lot from the COVID-19 pandemic. Every sector of the industry hasbeen affected. The textile industry is the main remittance earning source for Bangladesh. This industryhas been affected a lot due to lockdown everywhere and a shortage of orders. Fortunately, Bangladesh isreceiving plenty of orders now. Team Textile Focus talked with industry stakeholders to know about their business in 2021 and furcating for 2022. Ahammed Ali Musulli , Director, Blue Planet Group shared his views-


Looking back 2021 and Expectations 2022: 

In 2021, when many garment industries suffered from unfavorable conditions, we are in a very good position. There have been many issues like unpaid payments, shipment omitted, cancellation of orders, but we have not faced such issues, we work with Inditex buyers around 75%. The lesson we are taking in 2021 is that, we do not want to deal with the basic fabrics we are dealing with just because there is so much unethical competition in the market. Someone takes orders less than the actual price, but I will not compete the race price because without a good price we can’t continue our business.

In 2022, we are focusing on sustainable fabrics of which we want to reduce cotton fabrics as much as possible. In contrast, we are trying to develop some fabrics such as Polyester, Recycled Polyester, Polyamide, Viscous, Modal, Linen. Our goal in 2022 is to make at least 50 percent of our orders with sustainable fabric instead of cotton.  We mainly import this kind of cloth from China but we want to make it in Bangladesh ourselves. The industry does not have enough skilled workers. We are also analyzing how to get more output with fewer workers, how to work in an automated way. We are looking forward to 2022 and thinking about how to run the industry in two shifts as we have all the facilities.

In my view, this is a tremendous opportunity for Bangladesh. Gradually more and more new industries are emerging and they will continue to do so. I don’t see green fields like Bangladesh in other places, so I would say it’s a golden opportunity for Bangladesh. However, there are a number of issues or complications related to the process in Bangladesh such as delays in seaports, airport complications, high traffic jams, etc. that the government must address in a special manner.