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Good awareness to sustainable raw materials and home textiles leads to increasing customer trust: Lenzing survey


csm_1_lenzing-group_d315974a5bThe Global Consumer Perception Survey on Sustainable Raw Materials in Fashion and Home Textiles by lenzing highlights the importance of openness in helping brands build consumer interest and trust. The study was conducted in collaboration with Wakefield Research, a market research agency, and surveyed 9,000 respondents between the ages of 18 and 64 from nine countries, including

The study reveals that 83 to 82 % of respondents regard brands as straightforward in terms of their materials and their roots as trustworthy. Roughly 82 percent of respondents agree that brands are reliable on manufacturing processes, environmental practices and the sources of their raw materials. You agree that good awareness of their raw materials and home textiles leads to increasing customer trust.

86% of participants find it to be a core component in a more sustainable living style to buy clothes manufactured from sustainable raw materials, and also purchase goods from companies dedicated to using sustainable raw materials or recycled materials. Until buying, most respondents learn about sustainability by studying the manufacturing process of goods. Until purchasing their goods, about 88 percent of respondents chose to read handtags, with respondents willing to pay 40 percent more for organic clothes or home textile products.