GOTS seminar on Sustainability with Organic Textile in Dhaka on November

gotsconferencebanglaheader_8sept16_web-1GOTS will be organizing a national seminar for the organic textile industry in Bangladesh on Wednesday, 23rd November 2016 at Hotel Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden, Bangladesh. The theme of the conference isBusiness Case for Sustainability with Organic Textiles’.

The seminar addresses challenges and explores feasible opportunities in the field of organic textiles for Bangladesh textile industry. The August gathering of thought leaders from various walks of sustainability (including compliance, regulation, quality assurance, green chemistry, and chemical management) along with media and trade associations shall contemplate on the impact of investing in social and environmental responsibilities on economic success.

The seminar shall touch upon both technical and commercial aspects of sustainable textile processing. The National Seminar provides the ideal opportunity to explore organic textile processing in the region and would potentially be redefining sustainable supply chain dynamics there. Successful stories of established economically viable sustainable business models aim to encourage more entrepreneurs to follow suit.

Attendees will benefit from the conference by means of gathering new knowledge and insights in the fields of holistic environmentally and socially responsible textile processing and gain a better understanding of related problems and possible solutions. Speakers from leading brands and various experts shall talk about Business Case for Sustainability with Organic Textiles, best practices in manufacturing, social and environment issues. Mr. Rahul Bhajekar, GOTS Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance will be making a presentation and moderating a session. There shall also be a panel discussion on challenges and opportunities in a sustainable textile supply chain

The seminar is supported by IFOAM- Organics International. GOTS requires organic certification of fibers on basis of recognized international or national standards that are approved in the IFOAM family of standards.

Textile Focus Correspondent